Business now is directed to the digital or online platform for better outreach and less cost. Accordingly, the spine of such business relies on the number of visitors that visit the website and the activity they do, which is called traffic. The traffic you have indicates how interesting or appealing your services or content is, so all you do is find numerous ways to increase traffic to have higher Google ranking and achieve more sales. Accordingly, you have to know some tactics for monitoring traffic not only to know how many visitors you have, but to also modify your content and marketing methods to even have higher traffic.

tools for Monitoring Traffic

  1. Google Analytics

Back to basics, Google Analytics is the most powerful and prominent tactic for monitoring traffic where it gives you a detailed report for free regarding everything about your website traffic. Ranging from session durations to conversion rates, Google Analytics data are the most useful in terms of tracking your traffic.

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a very powerful method because it helps you identify the keywords that excel the ranking system and opens up new opportunities for you to have more visitors, which is a very useful tactic for monitoring traffic and recommending many ways to make real profit.

  1. Matomo

Matomo, or Piwik, is another free tool that is very similar to Google Analytics. Remember that using multi tools is very useful to make sure that you are on the right path and guarantee you the results you are viewing. In addition, if you fear giving Google the data of your users, stay safe and use Matomo is your main tactic for monitoring traffic.

Tools And Tactics For Monitoring And Understanding Your Website Traffic

  1. Leadlander

Want to track which companies visit your website? Then Leadlander is definitely is your to go tactic for monitoring traffic because it gives you valuable information about your outreach, especially regarding companies despite the fact that it might not be 100% accurate.


Google Analytics is by far the best tool, but there are some tactics for monitoring traffic other than Google Analytics that can turn such monitoring into useful information like hunting down the companies that are visiting you and allowing you to know their interests so that you can modify your content and marketing strategies.

  1. Heap

More interested in studying the visitors’ behavior? Heap is then your choice as it used as a powerful tactic for monitoring traffic with detailed information like letting you know how your visitors behave and navigate through your site. It is also easy to use.

  1. Personal Server Logs

Analytics actually miss some information like attacks, hacks, fraud, and brute-force attempts. Accordingly, you have to rely on your personal server logs as a strong tactic for traffic monitoring and some safety precautions.

Tactic for Monitoring Traffic

  1. Your Personal Analytics Module

Why don’t you have your own analytics module that serves the information you need to help you find the best tactic for monitoring traffic with your customized sense? Definitely it will need some skill to do it but you will never regret having your own module that serves your desires and needs.

  1. Multi-tools Combined Together

Google Analytics is a perfect tactic for monitoring traffic, but it is not complete. You will need to combine several tools together to get the best out of each and everyone and have the final story to make your own strategy map. Why rely on one tool? You can increase your confidence of the results and have an affirmation of what you should do next by using some of the combinations of tools. There are no recommended combinations, you just know what each tool serves and what are your desires then you are ready to have your own salad of tools that track your traffic.

  1. A Heat-Mapping Tool

Why have only some numbers and stats and you can have visual results? A heat mapping tool will map the statistical data into a more interface-friendly and visual data that will give you the sense of understating your traffic more thoroughly.

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