Your website traffic is your online business’ spinal cord, without it you stop moving. Accordingly, you have to keep it growing and growing for your business to succeed more than ever.

There are numerous reasons behind the growth obstacle that your website traffic reasons, so this article aims to present you 20 of those reasons.

20 Reasons Behind your Website Traffic Reaching a Plateau

  1. Your site is down

One of the first checks that you have to make for the reason why your website traffic stopped growing is if your website is down. Having your website down will not record you any visits because the visits to your website are actually blocked.

  1. No website launch notice

One of the smartest ways to boost your website traffic is to make some ads and announcements as loud as you can to help increase the reach of your website. Launching a website is very difficult as it needs to build some reputation before having actual visits.

  1. Lack of proper content or service

Yes, you need to offer something of real value or benefit for your visitors. Work on offering high quality services or provide useful information for people to come to your site more often and even invite their close ones to check your site.

  1. You are redundant

Even if you are offering high quality content or services, your website traffic might stop growing if you aren’t giving your customers something new to check. Having the same usual content without any changes will do nothing but make your website traffic stop growing.

  1. Be a pioneer

Don’t get stuck in the phase that you aren’t able to find a new idea and implement it while other businesses around you are growing because they are actually implementing something new. Be new and don’t follow what have always been made and do something new!

  1. Reachability

How do you expect that your website traffic keeps on increasing if your site isn’t reached easily trough Google? You need to utilize SEO and increase your reachability to have more visitors and traffic.

  1. You don’t have an identity

If you have a specific brand or identity, your audience will believe that you are authentic and credible. Make your own brand and stop posting stuff haphazardly because without an identity your website traffic will not grow.

  1. Lacking specifity

You might have a brand, but you might not be targeting a certain audience, believing that the wider the scope you provide the higher your website traffic will be. This is not true because the audience likes to be unique and you being a wide content provider makes them lose of the credibility they have to you.

  1. You don’t present your brand properly

Present your brand everywhere through your site to emphasize your uniqueness and credibility.

  1. Lacking good design

A good content or service without a proper design is a waste of time, so spend a bit in having a professional website design to be able to present your content in the structure that it deserves.

  1. Having bad colors

Beside the design, many people can navigate off your site and cost your website traffic some rank because you are using very bad colors. Choosing terrible background and font colors play a very big role in not facilitating the reading process for your customers, so be wise in your choices.

  1. Your site is old

You might have created a really good design, but does it match today’s designs? Is it modern and fresh? Or too classic and seems boring? Change your design yearly to be able to cope with the changes.

  1. Mobile site incompatibility

Don’t miss that a large sector of your audience checks your site through the mobile, so if your website is not mobile-friendly you will probably lose a lot of traffic as those visitors will definitely find another mobile-friendly website.

  1. Keywords usage

SEO utilization was mentioned before in this article, but keywords deserve to be mentioned alone because they are responsible for the search results in search engines and the relevancy to your article, so choose the keywords that will attract people.

  1. Bad structure

your Website Traffic

Your website shouldn’t be a contact us page and an intro about your site only, because why would anyone visit this page and stay for elongated times on it? You need to have some content or information for the users to check.

  1. Wrong choice of titles and descriptions

The titles and descriptions decide whether your visitor will read your content or not because they convey how will your content look like. To attract more traffic, you need to pick some persuasive headlines that will make your visitors want to check your content.

  1. You are not active

You shouldn’t be expecting high traffic if you are not posting frequently because simply the audience wants to always read more and needs some interaction that you are probably not supplying.

  1. Quantity over Quality

I’m asking you to write more frequently, but I didn’t mention that you are allowed to sacrifice quality because still you won’t have a growing traffic if your quality is rubbish.

  1. Lacking clarity

Be clear enough of your goals and your business. Having some vague offerings and undecided trends will not help you in increasing your traffic.

  1. Users not coming back

Having the same visitors come over and over again to your site is a good indication, but are you giving them a reason to come back? Create some offers for certain users and post new content for them to check.

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