You definitely have heard about HubSpot’s leap of faith in the last 10 years where it grew exponentially, recording more than $270 million of profit. In addition, it ranks the fifth worldwide in website traffic, which is a huge success in 10 years!

This article is primarily focusing and spotting the light on five HubSpot marketing tips that led to this vast success.

  1. Engage Chatbot as a Marketing Tool

One of the strongest HubSpot marketing tips is to use the Facebook Messenger bot on their page, which has shown a lot of success since its initiation. People open Facebook messenger with a rate of 80% while people open their emails with a rate of 20%, which shows how engaging a chat bot is more efficient now than just sending some emails that might not be opened.

To take a solid HubSpot marketing tip that can boost your business, make a list with the aid of Facebook Messenger bot and share your content by this bot sending messages to your customers.

Hubspots Marketing Tips

  1. The Main Social Media Platforms

Most of the businesses found today have a page or platform on social media, but does everyone make profit out of it? How about increasing your reach on main social media platforms and use this traffic as leads with lead magnets? This is a HubSpot Marketing tip for the best usage of social media platforms.

But how is HubSpot capable of turning this traffic to lead? HubSpot posts Facebook videos that has some advertisements of free tools in the comments, which is how they turn it into leads. Need not to mention that those videos are always shared and has many likes, so they reach a lot of people.

Having Facebook is a main social media platform, another strong social media platform that HubSpot relies on is LinkedIn, where they use it to gain traffic to their Facebook posts. This is a very wise hierarchy or network that HubSpot uses actively to drive more traffic and reach the best lead.

You might have guessed it, HubSpot marketing tips in using main social media platforms includes YouTube, which is an independent marketing assessment that doesn’t drive traffic or rely on traffic related to Facebook. YouTube is a stand-alone platform that is associated with more interested users, so HubSpot uses it for more engaged users.

  1. Community Marketing

People are most likely liable to believe other people than believe the content or business developer, and here comes one of the prominent HubSpot marketing tips, which is community marketing. HubSpot leaves a room for many professionals and experts to share their experiences and write some posts, which drives a lot of traffic because as we just mentioned, this might seem more legit for many users.

Many users have the fear of being tricked or overwhelmed by what you advertise, so they might not buy your product or even read your content. But when they find another user, like them, or an expert, they could believe them more.

HubSpot advertise those posts of community members and gives the space for people to share their thoughts, even other marketers could share their thoughts as a source of credibility in front of their audience.

Hubspots Marketing Tips

  1. Update your Content

Why don’t you upload another version of your content with some modifications or upgrade? This will engage your users more efficiently because the new content is related to what they read first. This HubSpot marketing tip basically relies on dragging the feet of your visitors at first then let them read your content or buy your product after you upgrade your content.

  1. Create a Free Tool

HubSpot marketing tips aren’t only related to how to write your content, but actually they are related to how to be mentally absorbed by your visitors. HubSpot can present to you a content that is related to a certain problem that you might face, then in the end of the article they can give you the solution to your problem by a certain tool that they are offering for free instead of fixing this problem manually and wasting a lot of time.

By this way, HubSpot wins a lot of customers and visitors because they show good deeds that they are actually here to help, not trick. And this can be seen by the free offered tool that can solve your certain problem.

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