Utilizing SEO like for example including keywords and relevance in your content can make you have a successful website, but is it enough? You might feel stuck in the phase where your traffic no longer grows. In addition, your Google rank hits a plateau and you find yourself losing control over your website. Have you ever thought that not including backlinks could be the main problem?

Backlinks are basically a form of referencing link where websites refer to other websites. The point here is to be referred to by other websites that have high domain authority. In addition, it is always favored that the websites that refer your page have common niche with you so that you get higher Google rank.

Backlink generation tools

Google uses backlinks to find new pages and assess the quality and popularity of such found pages. Google ranking is an algorithm, so being smart and getting relevant backlinks will foster your ranking, hence increasing your traffic.

To become a successful business owner, you need to find some backlink generation tools that will increase your traffic.

  1. MozBar

MozBar is one of the most successful backlink generation tools that demonstrates the domain authority of any website so that you are able to decide whether a backlink from a desired webpage is useful or not.

Seek domain authority with a number close to 100 to make sure you are receiving a really helpful backlink that could help in aiding the traffic of your website.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is a very useful tool that is capable of making you find the websites that referred you without backlinking your page. You can then contact the webpage owners and ask for a backlink, while making sure that the website has the same niche as yours with high domain authority. Unfortunately, SEMrush is not a free backlink generation tool, but it is very helpful and worth the investment.

You might even be interested in removing the backlink from some websites that aren’t authentic or not relevant to your content, which might harm your reputation rather than enhancing it.

  1. Pitchbox

You might want to think the other way around and look for a backlink generation tool that helps you find websites that have common interests as yours with some added keywords of your choice. Such searching tool helps you find the websites that can backlink your page where you can grow your traffic tremendously.

Don’t go for websites that are not credible or with low domain authority because they might harm you instead of fostering your business. The other good thing about Pitchbox is that it will give you a list of contacts of the sites that are popped out of the search results for you to reach them out.

6 tools you need for backlink generation

  1. Ahrefs

Just like SEMrush, Ahrefs is backlink generation tool that helps you reach out the websites that mentioned your content. In addition, you can filter out the backlinks that will lower your rank rather than increase it through the use of Ahrefs.

  1. Google Alerts

Too lazy to check regularly a backlink generation tool for knowing the websites that mentioned your page? You can simply sign up for Google Alerts and you will receive an “alert” or email whenever a website mentions your page so that you can contact the website owner right away to have a backlink that can enhance your business.

  1. Broken Link Builder

Broken Link Builder is a backlink generation tool that can make use of some broken links for your own sake. You don’t have to worry since this is a white-hat SEO strategy that benefits all parties without breaking any rules. You simply use this tool to find some dead websites with backlinks and offer very similar content to the backlinking website.

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