As an online business owner or content writer, you will definitely want to have more website traffic to start making profit and expand your business. Don’t be tricked or believe that there is something magical to do to have more traffic, it just demands effort, time, intelligence, and investment.

This article is dedicated to give you 7 strategies to increase your website traffic after you have some basics set already. For instance, in case you already have a modest number of monthly visitors, then you will find this article useful by implementing the following 7 strategies to increase your website traffic.

You will not need any new kind of investment or effort other than improving what you already got, so you will do less effort and pay less money to multiply your traffic by implementing or trying the 7 strategies to increase your website traffic.

increase your website traffic

  1. Referrals

By far, the best strategy to fire up your traffic is to engender a referral program, and this can be done by numerous ways, so don’t worry about have a specific strategy or technique. You have to have the right start by giving your visitors the incentive if they bring you more visitors, which can be done by several ways of giving discounts, sales, vouchers, paid content for free, or any kind of motive that will make them invite more people.

  1. Content Sharing

Want more traffic? Then your content should go viral! This is possible if you share your content and write it with a very persuasive way for your visitors to even share it. Share your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Email, and by all means so that you facilitate the way they can farther share it on their channels or pages. The more shares your content gets, the more you are likely going to have a higher traffic.

  1. Social Interaction

Your duty here is not only to share your content through social media and other sectors, you are here actually to also respond to questions and concerns of your visitors. Why is responding to your followers is important? Basically, social media now shows all interactions of a certain member, so by responding to a follower, all of his friends will get to see your response, thus increasing your visibility on social media and you are more likely going to get more visitors and traffic by this method. This strategy also helps you sustain your customers or followers so that you don’t lose them, so it is a win-win situation.

  1. Daily Login rewards 

Looking for more incentives to drive more traffic? From the 7 strategies to increase your website traffic, implementing daily login rewards can help you have more traffic tremendously. There are two scopes of having daily login rewards. First, you will keep your visitors up to date and they will always visit your website daily to get their reward. The second scope is that new users might hear about your rewards and decide to join your website and create an account to get their daily rewards too. So yes, you are saving your customers and making new ones at the same time.

  1. Guest Posting 

increase your website traffic

How about making affiliation programs? Doesn’t this increase your reputation and help you capture the audience of your partner(s)? Well, yes this is true! And you can also engage in guest posting and guest posting sharing to benefit from two sectors. First, you will get to see new audience and share your content with them, which is very useful since this is a very direct way to capture more users. Second, you will break the routine with your users by publishing content written by another source to them, so they can engage more with your website.

  1. Long-tail keywords

SEO, SEO, and SEO. SEO is the most important factor of determining your traffic because simply this is main criterion of Google ranking. By using long-tail keywords, you are making sure that your ranking is in its best-case scenario.

  1. Use your email.

Make an email campaign and start making your email list to keep your customers up to date with what you are publishing. Send them special offers, new content, or anything you find special or new. This is one of the easiest, yet smartest 7 strategies to increase your website traffic.

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