Have you ever stumbled in the case where you create a fine content with SEO utilization along with adding all the needed keywords that can foster the ranking of your desired webpage and when you check the SERPs for promising results you find that another page is ranking while your desired one is not? This is a common case where many business owners fall in as sometimes the pages rank for different keywords, not the ones you intended. Such case will make you lose traffic even if you did your best in publishing a state-of-the-art content.Avoid the Wrong Pages from Ranking

The presence of this mistake happens if you are not using the right keyword where you are supposed to use the correct one and make your search traffic centered about this word. Accordingly, you will be able to rank better on Google without losing traffic. Ranking the wrong pages is a very avoidable situation because the users will simply figure out that they landed on the wrong page, leaving your site right away, thinking that you are either noncredible or useless for their searching purposes. This article is dedicated to give you some strategies to overcome ranking miscoordination.

Understand the issue

You have to develop a comprehension and a deep understanding of your case to be able to come with a solution that can fix your problem. Ask yourself several questions to know if you are having the right solution. You can start with:

Are your keywords and content relative or not?

This must be the first question that you directly address to be able to know why the wrong pages are being ranked and the intended ones don’t appear on your road map. Despite the fact that this problem is the most commonly present one, it is the easiest one to tackle. Check if your content is optimized and strongly related to the keywords that you are using. Learn to proofread your content and think wisely of the keywords usage in order to drive the right traffic. High number of keywords isn’t always desired because you can create a very high keyword density, which is a problem associated also with using several keywords. Check your content and replace the unrelated keywords if needed.

What if the keywords aren’t related to your content from the first place? Well, the smartest thing to do is to actually make your content centered about the keyword that gained you real ranking. You can also start with making a new landing page to make your users capable of searching for your website along with giving the fine content that they would like to read.

Avoid the Wrong Pages from Ranking

Can users reach your webpages easily?

Are your webpages indexed in a right way? Are they crawled properly? The problem can be as simple as searchability. Users can get faulty results and inconsistent searches if your website is not indeed properly. You definitely don’t want low rankings, so please utilize crawling tools to be able to see Google’s indexing of your pages.

Do you use related links?

Most of us know that using links and backlinks can foster your traffic and make your business a really flourishing one. But do you use the right ones? The mostly related ones? You can check if you are using related links and even include more links in case you didn’t use the right keywords from the first place, so you still can fix this issue. Revisit your link building strategy and avoid wrong pages ranking to be able to have higher traffic.

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