Looking for various ideas for content promoting traffic? You visited the right page. This article is dedicated to give you several content promoting traffic that are effective and easy to implement. These ideas depend on inbound marketing, which is the big theme of all strategies that drag the audience to your website in a promoting way to increase the number of visits on your website.

1. Slideshare

Slideshare is a platform that has a big number of audience since it is a sector of LinkedIn, making it one of the top most-visited websites. To make your business flourish, make an attractive presentation and post it on slideshare to have a high rank on Google.

Content Promoting Traffic

2. Pinterest

Pinterest has millions of regular users that shares almost everything in all niches. It has a high number of traffic and can make your business grow if you used it wisely. Make sure you use the right keywords and link your website in the right places like in the description and in the source.

3. Scoo.it

Scoop.it is one of the websites that have high PR, making it a very good material to draw some visits for content promoting traffic. It allows people to gather stuff from the internet and post in a magazine form.

4. List.ly

List.ly allows you to make a list of useful extensions to your scope and many other things that you are interested in just in one place. It also makes you list some links and share your favorite links with other, which can make your content migrate to many places.

5. Pick the right time for Social Media

Posting a marvelous content in the wrong time on social media is useless because there is no audience to interact. You will know the right time by trial and error to make your content has a high reach.

6. Posts Comments

Audience loves interaction, so make sure that you respond to your users via comments to grab the attention of other users as well. Also make sure that you comment on other pages to make more visitors.

7. Quora

Regarding posting comments, being involved in Quora is very important since it is one of the mostly viewed Q&A platforms that has millions of users. Being active on Quora will get you tons of visits!!!

Content Promoting Traffic in 18 Wonderful Ways

8. ViralContentBuzz

You know the game by now, interact on other websites and reach out to gain more visits. ViralContenBuzz is a content promoting traffic because you are allowed to join and share posts in social media channels, widening your audience.

9. Sniply

Content promoting traffic can be done with similar tools with different tools, and you don’t know which will actually be more effective before trying. You can use Sniply in promoting your content or commenting on someone’s content.

10. Reddit

Reddit is unique in that it has a bulletin board where users can post content and comment on other posts, which is a very interactive way to share content.

11. Facebook Groups

Facebook has tons of users and actually it started advertising on a very large scale, so post your content in a Facebook group and advertise it.

12. BuzzBundle

Link building and content promoting traffic can be executed perfectly by BuzzBundle, which is a link-assistant tool to discover content.

13. LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn is a professional social media network, which can enhance your communication network and increase your reputation. You can use LinkedIn as a source of valuable websites and get referred by some reputable pages as well.

Content Promoting Traffic

14. Sumome share plugin

Increase your web traffic by the content promoting traffic tool. This tool allows you to get connected with hundreds of thousands of sites to share your content with, increasing the number of visitors on your site.

15. Article Sharing Communities

Submit your articles on some reputable pages to increase your traffic. This content promoting traffic technique became spammy these days, so do it right to increase your reputability instead of hurting it.

16. Rely on Content Aggregators

Grouping is a very important content promoting traffic technique because it identifies your audience. Content aggregators group your content with other contents of same category to be shown to the audience.

17. PDF Sharing Sites

Get backlinks easily from such professional sharing websites to increase the number of visitors like Slideshare, Scribd, and Yudu.

18. Video marketing

Some people now favor watching videos instead of reading text, so make sure you include videos in your content to increase the number of visitors.

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