Digital advertising and web traffic are rising exponentially, so having a well-defined dictionary for the definitions and terms of web traffic and digital advertising is a good idea to educate consumers.

This is a quick review about the usual terms used in web traffic and digital advertising rather than presenting a full tutorial. Enjoy the list of terms.


Abbreviation for advertisement and it is simply a place where you post any media to promote a product in a digital platform.

Digital advertising and web traffic

Audience Targeting

The audience is a group of people that you try to make them interested in what you are advertising. So, the term audience targeting in digital advertising is to filter people to find a certain audience based on interest and other criteria and offering them what you got.  The more you narrow down your audience, the more you focus and assure that they have the common interest.


You might have known that yourself, it is a form of Ad that pops up on websites in any geometrical shape that is appealing enough to users.


Cost per thousand is abbreviated into CPM where M is the Roman representation of one thousand. Advertisers use CPM as a criteria to know how much is the cost of 1000 advertisement impressions.


Similar like CPM, CPC (Cost Per Click) is a used way to know the price paid by the advertiser whenever a user clicks on the ad, which is relatively expensive when compared with web traffic.

The cost the advertiser pays when a consumer purchases or pays for a product.

Cost per sale, which is the cost paid by advertiser until the consumer makes a sale action.

Click through rate is the number of ad clicks divided by the number of ad impressions.

Digital advertising and web traffic

Digital Advertising

It is using an online platform to advertise a product. The word digital product is commonly used when talking about a product advertised digitally, or online. All in all, digital advertising is the marketing of products online like in social media or in search engines.

Engagement Metrics

It is a quality control or testing of the performance of ads. Such metrics include the number of clicks, time spent on ad, online shares, and the time the ad existed in.


Frequency is a vague word used in many scopes but it always has the same sense. In digital marketing and traffic, frequency describes how many times an ad was advertised to a new user.

Geo Targeting

Geo targeting is targeting people according to the geographical location, which is still related to audience targeting just based on geography.

Heat Map

This representation uses colors to describe activity on a website in a graphical way. The brighter the color the higher the activity and vice versa.


This terminology is used in web traffic to show the number of times the users viewed an ad. It is a statistical criterion to know if users get to see the ad and you can even measure how many clicked on it to know if it’s catchy enough or not.

Interstitial Ads

It is an ad that redirects you to your desired or intended web page. So it is just an intermediate step between your original source and your final destination.


You probably heard about search engine optimization, which is related to having a high rank on a search engine based on the keywords you use. So your keywords describe how valuable or related to the search your post or article is.

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