The worst thing about digital marketing now is that it doesn’t rely only on how you write your content or the value of information you present in it. Having a successful business now demands more factors other than creating the right content because simply everyone now is using online content marketing, so what makes you so special? How will you be able to have a large audience in the platform that is full of competition? There must be something that differentiates those websites, and it is how you distribute your content and how to drive traffic with content distribution.

You might think that using the most famous social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are the ones you should only use…Well, you are mistaken, because there are other ways to distribute your content and drive traffic with content distribution other than using what everyone uses. Then what makes you special?

Want to be special and have a content glowing in the sky of contents? Read this post till the end to know how to drive traffic with content distribution.

Drive Traffic with Content Distribution

  1. Use LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is a very underrated platform that you can use it to drive traffic with content distribution. In other words, LinkedIn is a very professional network that many experts and professionals visit to share some useful stuff for various careers. You can view and share a lot of content posted on LinkedIn, so using it will be a very wise step in driving more traffic.

Instead of sharing your articles only on the famous social media platforms, try adding LinkedIn and have a wider content circulation that can drive you a lot of traffic. Just be smart regarding which content to share on LinkedIn because definitely not all of your content will be relative to the purpose of presence of LinkedIn.

  1. Make some videos 

Why don’t you share your content expertise with your audience through some media? Using YouTube in this case is perfect because it has millions and millions of users that can bring you a lot of views. In addition, a large sector of the audience my prefer visual or audio methods of knowing your content instead of reading it, so they deserve your attention because each user counts.

You don’t have to do a fancy video or higher a graphic designer to make you a certain video in the beginning. You can start with a normal quality video that didn’t cost you a lot of money but based on honesty and true content. Make this a habit and a constant…share videos frequently with adequate information for your users to benefit from.

  1. Pay for Ads 

In case you have a budget even if a small one, you must try to put some in paid ads. Be wise regarding which content to advertise with money, because if your content doesn’t target a large audience, a paid ad will do nothing. Accordingly, pick contents that draw the attention of a lot of people to drive traffic with content distribution as paid ads circulate your content efficiently.

According to recent statistics by BuzzSumo, videos shared on Facebook can drive a lot of traffic because they gain more attention than other types of posts by 60%, so why don’t you try to advertise your content on Facebook, even if you will pay some? It is definitely a worthy investment.

Don’t start with many contents in the beginning, just try one or two ideas shared with paid ads to see how people interact with your ad and analyze the situation. Based on your analysis, decide whether you need more ads or you need some content modification…the feedback is always useful.

Drive Traffic with Content Distribution

  1. Reply to forum questions 

Be interactive on some popular forums to gain the credibility of the audience. Share your answers with the inquiring people and share some of your content that is related to what are people asking for to give them the space to check your content.

By engaging in such crucial forums, you will drive traffic with content distribution as many people can like your answer or even share it, which increases your pool of audience.

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