If you are a digital business owner, then you are definitely concerned with whether your website traffic is dropping or increasing because you simply want to have a high traffic. The higher the traffic, the higher the probability that you are going to rank better in Google and be able to sell your products or offer your services more efficiently. Accordingly, you don’t want to find out that your website traffic is dropping because simply this is an indication that you aren’t doing well.

However, don’t panic if your website traffic is dropping because it is common along all online business, your success curve doesn’t exponential increase only as you sometimes face some bumps. The smart thinking is definitely embedded in finding why your website traffic is dropping and make some modifications to prevent this decline.

Check the following reasons behind why your website traffic is dropping and the mistakes concerning them.

Your website traffic is dropping

  1. The Tracking Code

Some issues regarding the tracking code is a main reason behind some website traffic drops as the usage of analytics can be harmful. Some of the plug-ins of analytics can mess up with the tracking code, giving you some divergence is the report you receive. Accordingly, please check your tracking code every now and then and make sure it is not altered.

  1. Trends Duration

Your plan could be the reason why your website traffic is dropping, because you might be making offers or certain trends that will end in a specific season, causing less visits to your website. You have to assess your plan and know if the website traffic drop is logical or not. In case there are some abnormal traffic changes, then start looking for other causes listed here as well.

  1. Technical Issues

Having errors in your website will definitely lead to less traffic because many visitors will bounce off your website if they find a lot of errors, so why take your service? In addition, make your website loading speed and launching speed as high as you can by using some tools or services because many visitors will navigate off your site and check other sites that are quicker, even if they will take more time to check another website, they are fed up of your slow site!

  1. Website Structure

Make your information accessible easily and have a nice flow in your website to make your visitors want to check your page more often. Don’t just put some useless content that will make your visitors know you are making this website for money, show them your passion and make them more engaged with a facilitated web surfing experience.

  1. Server Crash

Your website traffic is dropping

If your website goes down, look for the web server crash or overload because it might be the reason behind why your website traffic is dropping. According to this drop, the audience will find out their demands aren’t supplied, making them visit your website less.

  1. Global Traffic

The geographic distribution of the traffic could be a main cause of why your website traffic is dropping because there are tons of apps and websites that have global traffic. Some governments block some websites and contents due to censorship, causing you a lot of traffic loss or minimized traffic that you didn’t even account for.

  1. Traffic Origin

You have to know the origin of your traffic to be able to asses why it is increasing or decreasing. For instance, SEO modifications will alter your organic traffic, so fix your SEO in case you find your organic website traffic is dropping. You can also change your ads in case your paid website traffic is dropping.

  1. Google Ranking Protocol

You have to understand why and how Google ranked your page with a certain rank. Bear in mind that the ranking protocol or console changes regularly based on what Google finds best for business, so be smart regarding knowing the modifications and applying them. Try to fix the problem from its roots and comply with what is trending in the sector of rankings. Also check if your website is hacked or there as an HTML issue concerning your website as they might be some of the reasons why your website traffic is dropping.

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