Having good content is not all what you need to have a successful business because simply if your content is perfect yet it is not ranked in the earlier pages of Google, who will read it from the first place? I’m not here to demotivate you, but you actually have to know that your Google organic ranking is a very crucial element in having a successful business.

Due to the urge of having high Google organic ranking, this article was written to give you the simplest tips and tricks to make your Google organic ranking higher, giving you the possibility to have more traffic. Don’t worry about recoding your website or restructuring it because these tips are very basic and simple and demand no great modifications.

Get ready and comprehend the following information thoroughly because you don’t want to miss the chance of having high Google organic ranking which opens the window for a larger number of traffic and profit.

Enhance your Google Organic Ranking

  1. Have a High Website Speed

Remember that Google doesn’t rank your site really manually, it focuses on some parameters that are calculated automatically to rank your site. One of those parameters is having a high launching and loading speed. Imagine the case where your website loads really slowly, your visitors will actually prefer navigating off your site and checking other sites to save time and become less angry.

This is a very fatal mistake that can ruin your Google organic ranking because the session duration or the average spent time on your website is a very important element in determining your traffic and ranking.

The good news is that there loads of tools that can test your website speed and modify it. Make sure that your website loads in less than 3 seconds because most of the users navigate off websites that load in more than 3 seconds, excluding the internet connection effects. Enhance your speed to captivate the users to stay on your website.

  1. Quality Over Quantity

Don’t sacrifice the quality of your content and pack it with more and more words thinking that the higher number of words you write the higher Google organic ranking you will get. This is not always true!

Unrelated content and redundancy can harm your ranking a lot because. Not only that, but also writing a lot of separate articles weekly doesn’t assure you success because basically you might sacrifice the quality of the articles for the sake of producing high number of articles, hoping that you can captivate users from various backgrounds.

The thing here is that producing high quality content is the most basic step in increasing your Google organic ranking, so never sacrifice the quality.

Enhance your Google Organic Ranking

  1. SEO

This is the most basic terminology you will ever hear regarding increasing your Google organic traffic. SEO is basically based on modifying your content to make it visible in the search engine easily, which is what actually Google does in ranking. This could be done by using the right and catchy titles, long-tail keywords, and having related links to your site.

Mentioning keywords properly in your content based on what Google ranks best will definitely give your rank a boost. Need not to mention that your content must be coherent and the insertion of keywords is done properly, or else you will not enhance your Google organic ranking.

  1. Use proper font!

The right font for you might not be the perfect one for your visitors. Some websites have gigantic fonts and others require a telescope to read their content, which actually makes your visitors get disgusted and navigate away from your site, and you surely deserve it.

Using gigantic font doesn’t mean that you are advertising or showing importance in your content because simply many users stereotype large font as scam. On the other hand, extremely small font makes it difficult for many visitors to read, which make users bounce from your website because simply everyone doesn’t want to zoom in or change the web settings and return them back every now and then to read your almighty content.

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