Having a successful online business now demands that you have a solid content marketing strategy. There are tons of content marketing strategies out there, but you actually have to figure out what works best for you and know which data you must include as well. Accordingly, this post is written to give you some tips to find your best content marketing strategy based on analytics. Having a good content marketing strategy will increase the number of visitors on your site and you will definitely have higher ranks on Google.

Content Marketing

  1. High Page View-High Bounce Rate knowledge

You might sometimes visit a website that has a very high number of views yet it has a high number of bounce rates, which might sound illogical first. The case here is that this webpage might have a very valuable content yet the visitors bounce off it after they skim the webpage, so what is wrong? Well, the visitors might sometimes lose track and don’t know what actually to do, so you must give an option or action for your visitors to do after reading your content.

  1. Check Your Daily Report

Checking your daily report is very important because you might be surprised that your posts or pages rank from the top 10, even if it was an old post. Knowing the interests of your audience and which articles are actually interesting will help you modify your content accordingly. You can have your daily report by setting up your Google Analytics to email you a daily report for you to check the articles and their impact.

  1. Pay Attention to the Least Viewed Pages

Don’t only focus on the pages where you get high views, start looking on the pages with low number of views to know why are they actually getting low number of views when compared to the ones with high views. Understanding this will help you modify your content to the better. You must have a synchronized website in terms of harmony where your posts be having the same number of views, which increases your content credibility.

  1. Use Simple Language for All Audience

If you are going to use technical terms or describe very specific things, then you have to simplify the vocab as much as possible to increase your audience span and make more people visit your page. If you are a visitor and you find a content that is comprehensive, you will definitely navigate away. Elaborate in explanations and help your visitors understand what you are actually writing instead of limiting your audience. Putting such explanations will also help you increase the time spent on your pages.

  1. Spot the Light on Catchy Blog Topics

You can use the Google Analytics report to know which of your webpages that actually had a high number of visitors to be able to know which topics and way of writing attracts more visitors. Accordingly, you can mimic your way and analyze the content that catches the sight of visitors to write more like it, just don’t fall in the overuse trap.

Content Marketing

  1. Analyze the Analytics

Having a high number of visits and low rate of bouncing isn’t sufficient to know which content to use. You have to know how the visitors interact with your content to know if you actually attract audience or not. Knowing this interaction will make you create even more successful content in the future as you can actually grasp more visitors.

  1. Know your Goals

Have a purpose of what you are doing, not only for profit purposes. See how the people interact with your content and use this as a feedback to know if your goal is going right or not.

  1. Conversion

Content marketing success is based on grasping more visitors with actually knowing how they respond to your content, which builds credibility and make them choose you everyday among other business owners. If you aren’t on this road, then you need to steer your wheels because traffic isn’t always useful. Traffic can actually become useless of your customers lose interest in your content, even if they will be substituted by others. So you have to question why your visitors are fading.

  1. Check your Referees

Pages that link your website in theirs actually have a purpose, and they do definitely refer you for something. As a feedback seeker, go there and check what are they writing and how they are linking you.

  1. Make Use of UTM Parameters

Put more valuable information on your links through the utilization of the UTM parameters., which is a very wise marketing strategy.

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