A lot of people who launch paid website traffic campaigns do not have the right understanding of conducting it. An effective traffic campaign denotes a great blend of selection of ideal traffic components & the ideal web page for them.

This guide here will show you what make sence Purchasing Website Traffic visitors.

Purchasing Website Traffic

Step 1: Set campaign goal

First, Purchasing Website Traffic you will have to set the goal of your campaign. It means you have to be clear beforehand what you desire to achieve from your site traffic.

The probable goals are:

Lead generation– make people sign up with your website or make them take a desired action on your page

AD sense– generate money through ad placement on your site

Sales generation– sell services or products

Website exposure– allow visitors to know more regarding your site, services, posts etc.

Alexa rank– enhance Alexa global ranking of your site

The goals stated here are different from each other & demand specific kinds of audience.

Now, we set it for users while we prepare campaign. The onus is on you to convert visitors into customers. However, we will help you in the best possible way to create the ideal campaign as per your goals and desired traffic sources.

Step 2: Choose correct type of traffic

The right kind of Purchasing Website Traffic may derive from your goals or your page.

We have already talked about Paid Visitors Traffic as well as promoting products through it.

Here is a brief on probable traffic types:

Targeted website traffic

It’s  general purpose Purchasing Website Traffic which will be great for almost any use. This traffic is being generated through banners and pop-up windows. It’s to note here, this traffic is highly targeted & comes from various niches you may choose from. In fact, targeted website traffic is usually the first pick for several site owners.

In regards to geo-targeting, we take to current IP databases from Arin.net that helps us to track the origin country of users’ IP.

And you can be assured of over 99% accuracy with this method.

  • Alexa

This is your best traffic when you have to pique your site’s Alexa rank.

Visitors who come to the site should have the Alexa panel for banking on.  It’s to stress here this traffic works super fast & can enhance your position real quick.

Now, for a steady rank, you must also polish your links, content as well as off page and on page SEO.

  • Adult

Websites with mature and adult connect need such traffic. Those who visit these sites are actually in quest of such materials as offered by these sites.

  • Casino

Gambling traffic will be great when you run a casino, gambling site or gambling machines.

  • Mobile

In this case, the incoming traffic is exclusively from those browsing internet with mobile phones. Some apps or sites will prefer such visitors. This kind of traffic is easily trackable as well as safe for use. We endorse such traffic.

  • USA Targeted site traffic

USA (State- targeted) site traffic will be great when you want visitors from certain specific American States.

  • Purchasing Website Traffic From Social Media
    Do you have to purchase facebook traffic or visitors from Twitter or any other kind of social media sites in that case?

Expert Guide on Purchasing Website Traffic

Well, then this form of traffic is the perfect for you.

We hold as well as manage numerous social network accounts and all of them are very active users, backed by several followers. They promise you reach of 10 million+ people.

We can get you traffic from the top most social networks.

This kind of traffic offer various benefits compared to others:

  • You can verify it via Webmaster tools. You can track it with Google Analytics
  • It is compatible with Google AdSense and safe for using
  • Assures negligible bounce rates
  • Unlike other kinds of traffic, this traffic allows all these: exit pops, pop ups, video, sound and frame breakers
  • Social visitors tend to stay on websites 3x longer compared to other surfers
  • Traffic from Google Analytics

This traffic is derived from native ad platforms featuring native ads in real time which are completely trackable via Google Analytics or other tracking systems.

Its advantages:

√ Trackable by any tracking system and also you can verify it via with Google Analytics and other third party tools.
√ Negligible Bounce Rate as well as longer dwell times. The average time they spend on a site is 1 to 4 minutes.
√ Double Verify Guard for authentication of digital media quality for top brands of the world.

√ No kind of page Restrictions and pages can have pops, sound, frame breakers, java alerts and tech support notifications.

  • Premium traffic

Purchasing Website Traffic of this category is served by our special premium network which means you will get highest quality visitors prior to other clients.

If you want premium traffic, your website must be devoid of sound, frame, autoplay video, floating window, exit codes or pop-ups

It’s our fastest possible network that promises most targeted site traffic.

Some users prefer to combine various kinds of traffic for better variety. For example, sending the Alexa panel visitors with website traffic. However, you will be required to create individual campaigns for every type.

After you have understood your goals & selected the ideal traffic, you can proceed to prepare advertising campaign.

Step 3: Tips on setting a campaign

This step may look simple yet a lot of people don’t understand the perfect selections for web page.

Please check out this form for web traffic and understand filling the fields right.

Amount of visitors

You have to understand beforehand the amount of visitors you will require for your page. It’s to stress, try to aim for organic traffic since it offers highest rate of conversion. But the catch is it’s the most difficult to acquire organic traffic and also makes it longer for your site to attain a position on the search engines.

Purchasing Website Traffic PPC is no doubt great yet you have to be careful about amazing ads and also have to hire experts for effective campaign management. Thus, PPC means an expensive investment which could be unaffordable for many.

Visitors traffic seems to be a fine compromise but one needs higher than his regular traffic flow for conversion. Nobody can guarantee and no one can point out the exact numbers. Actually, everything depends on various factors. However, we will recommend a target of 15,000 to 30,000 visitors minimum for each new campaign.

purchase Website Traffic

Traffic location

Faulty selection of traffic location can affect your campaign big time. If you are aiming for worldwide exposure or AdSense, then a good location will be “worldwide”. But when you are aiming best change of leads, go for UK or US traffic.


It’s because, these are way richer countries in comparison to other nations in regards to purchasing power. Most of your savvy customers will be from nations which give high wages that enables citizens to spend good money online.

Niches are actually related to your visitors’ specific interests.

Organic keywords will be the best thing here as they tend to be laser-focused about the needs of users. You have to keep in mind these visitors may not have heard about the site and its offerings. Your chosen niche should be closest possible to the page content.

Based on your specific goal, you may need to deploy age categories. They’re amazing for deriving varied visitors & best for website exposure or AD sense.

Time span

Although it sounds good to send the entire traffic all at one yet we don’t exactly recommend it.

Based on our testing and experience, we realized that splitting of traffic for three days & more will assure best results.

Here you have our recommended numbers:

up till 20k : 3 to10 days
20k to 50k: 5 to 20 days
50k to 100k: 20 to 40 days.

However, this isn’t a limitation for us. If you want, we can send 100k visitors a day for maximum countries.


This is where you will put Target URL for redirecting your visitors right to your site.

The page must be ready to receive visitors & match our terms of use.

In regards to tracking, we have our own tracker system which is 100 percent reliable as well as match with  Goo.gl. However, in case you wish to track visitors all by yourself, you have to shorten the URL.

Here you should use the shorter URL as the website while making order. But, don’t shorten & leave the site URL as it is. You can use stats panel provided by us for tracking where you will be able to see IP’s address.

Other options:

There are some other features which we won’t provide in order form. You have to contact our support for changing them.

Hourly traffic

We will send traffic equally to clients over 24-hours frame. Thus, if you get 2400 visitors a day, we will send you 100 for every hour. All our campaigns work on hourly basis. In case, you want the entire traffic once in a day, please contact us.

targeted usa states website traffic

Traffic for specific time

In this case, you will be able to set your traffic start & stop times.

It is always fixed for every day of your campaign and you are only allowed to set one stop & start. For example, you may set the time to receive traffic exclusively during 4 a.m. to 12 p.m. every day.

However, your specified time may not bring maximum visitors always. Thus, we advise you not to go for this feature since it may cause delay in regards to big orders.

Step 4: Prepare your page

After you have bought traffic, the immediate step is to prepare your web page for incoming traffic to ensure an effective campaign.

Below is a list on the most crucial elements for your campaign:

Pop Ups

Pop Ups are no doubt annoying for visitors they pop up on the face the moment a person lands on a website. Thus, try to avoid them where possible. We are flexible to disable pop ups.

Autoplay audio

Autoplay can be annoying too. It’s not necessary that your website visitors share common taste in music with each other or you. So, what is music for some, could be noisy for others. Thus, it’s strongly advised to remove all kinds of autoplay audio from your site. Also, audio makes a page heavy and can sloth the campaign.

Autoplay video

The theory is the same with that of autoplay audio. You may embed videos in your website offer the option of playing them as per one’s preference.

Slow page

Visitors just wait for only a few seconds while determining whether to leave or stay on a webpage. Make sure there is nothing on your website which may discourage them to proceed with your site further. Slow page is one of the worst things that can make your visitors leave your site even when they initially decide to explore your website. Thus, go for fast website hosting providers who can assure a speedy navigation. And don’t forget to run speed testing on your web page.

We will recommend sites like  site speed test , GTmetrix  for testing page speed.

Design of web page

Your website landing page ought to be pleasant and inviting for the visitors. Make sure the page navigation is simple to find as well as use. The contrast and colors must be clear and good. Go for large and easily legible fonts. Use visual aids like photos to the site engaging, user-friendly and welcoming.

Page Advertisements

Advertisements on webpage are okay but refrain from getting overboard. Too many advertisements look pushy and most visitors do not exactly like this.

Limit the ads to a small part of your page. However, in case it’s possible for you to free your landing page from all sorts of ads, please go for it.

Page Content

This is one of the most crucial points to remember.

The content of your web page should match what your visitors are looking for in your site.

Count on relevant, fresh and resourceful content which your visitors will find helpful. If you select a section or category, make sure it matches up with the content. DO NOT send visitors to any web page which isn’t pertinent to their queries or search terms.

For example, it’s pointless to pull in consumers looking for ice cream to a web page which sells homeware.

The content of your web page must be easily comprehensible and should carry a CTA.

Step 5: Track traffic

After Purchasing Website Traffic, you should check whether you are getting it or not.

purchase Website Traffic

The procedure of traffic service

As we receive an order, our first task is to check whether all data have been filled properly. The URL must be a legit and valid address.

We also verify time frame to ensure it is reasonable. In case the traffic goes over 50k & for 1 day- we immediately contact our client to check whether it’s correct or not. It’s advised to split traffic over 3-4 days minimum to assure higher exposure as well as better results.

Mostly we never allow orders below 10k to get longer than thirty days. The truth is, it won’t be great for both the sides.

If the entire data looks correct, we would scan the page integrity. It’s to note here, we work for pages that comply with our TOS (Terms of Service) and is devoid of frames, pop ups, sound or the typical malwares. The page content must be legal and legit.

We will start to prepare your campaign when it has received approval from our system. As per your selections, we tend to pick best of site sources right from our own network to conduct ad campaign for our clients. The premium network of our company serves clean pages free from pop-up, sound etc.

We are usually pretty fast with our service and usually it just takes a few hours. At times, it may prolong to 1-2 days, depending on your specific site page as well as type of traffic.


Tracking is really simple with our statistics system.

We extend login URL to each customer to enable him/her to check stats as well as campaign data. You will have full details of amount of visitors received by your site each day. All information like country, URL or category will be available.

Check ‘View Full IP Log” tab. It will enable one to check all visitors IP. Our clients can sell all their traffic campaigns through one same account.

P.S. In case, you change your website URL, the new one will have to pass through a verification & approval process.

Use own tracking

In case, you take action to Purchasing Website Traffic of social network or Google analytics traffic, then you will be able to use various third party track tools. However, we never allow other tracking tools for targeted website traffic.

Everybody assumes automatically since it’s Google, it will be great for all sorts of traffic. But Google Analytics is not great to keep track of redirect traffic as well as pops. It’s mainly because it can’t read third party cookies. Thus, we don’t count on Google Analytics for proof-of-delivery.

In case you want to go for one tracker system, we will recommend Bitly or Goo.gl URL shortener.  You may use this shortened URL as your site URL. But you must mention it while placing your order.

It’s not unusual to find differences between your stats and Goo.gl. The reason could be that some other network is tracking your site traffic currently and these differences are normal. So, nothing to worry.

We will reviews numbers received from Goo.gl & make necessary adjustments accordingly on our system daily. Thus, you do no need to get stressed out about such differences since the numbers would be same by the culmination of your campaign.

Thus, we suggest taking to our statistics as a concise & clear tracking method. We can track website visitors successfully in real-time while pass via our own network servers.

Final words

We believe we have covered everything one should know to carry an effective traffic campaign. You should have a clear understanding on the ways to buy website traffic prior to plunging into buying.  Focus on all the minute things that are helpful to assure your desired results. Yes, we cannot guarantee sales yet we can assure genuine real web traffic.

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