Backlinks play an important role in the life of a website owner. You may think that increased traffic is the most important benefit but you will be surprised to find what more is there. There are different ways of getting backlinks, which I will be talking about after going through their advantages, and without more stories, let’s get down to the major part of the article.

Increasing rankings of your website

Websites that have more backlinks are highly ranked on the search engine result page. A website that has many backlinks is going to have more clicks and high traffic because the more the links it has it means that there is a lot of good and important information to benefit from. Not that this is true, but it is the notion that the web users will have. Again, users click on the pages that appears top on the search engine results page, so even if they do not k now how many backlinks you have, at least your website is easily accessible and ranks high.

How important are backlinks

Earns you more knowledge about your target audience

You will be required to either invest your time or money to earn backlinks, whichever way you decide to do it, you will be to learn more about your target audience. The exposure you get as you make these contacts will be a good teacher and experience, it will actually enable you to perform much better when you come back to the content you post to your website.

Makes it easy for search robots to find your site

Indexing a site is very important. However, it can be very hard for your website to be indexing if you do not have any backlinks since the search robots will not be able to track your site.

Redirecting your traffic

Your website might contain information that might require more information which is not contained in your article. Backlinks will direct your traffic to where they can find the information and by this, you will create a good reputation to your audience since you have given them a link to where they can find more information.

Backlinks will help you to create professional relationships

How? Think about the emails you are sending, the phone calls you are making and the one on one conversations you are having all because you are in need of backlinks. They are contributing to networking because keeping contacts of a person you have a common job is very important. You might need those people or they may need you as well and you become more close and profession.

With the information about the importance of backlinks, someone might be wondering, how do I get backlinks for my website? Here are the tips.

 what is backlinks

Tips on how to get backlinks

Not only by use of money, but also your time can be used to earn links, let’s see some of them.

Writing quality content

Well written articles will earn you links to your website. Rich content based on precise findings will attract people to link to your site because they know they are going to get the juicy and engaging information

Guest blogging

I can refer to this as barter trade in technology because, you as a writer will write an article to be posted in another website, which does not belong to you, and in return the owner of that website will create some links to your website. I think this is the easiest way to get backlinks, working with your fellow bloggers to uplift one another. Users on the website will be able to read the article you have published for the website owner and they will click on the link provided. This will create more traffic to your site.

Content promotion

Promoting your content through Gmail campaigns and ads will win you more links. Unless you create awareness to the public, backlinks will not come knocking at your website, you have to make it happen and this means doing everything possible for people to know about you. Telling people that you exist and you have good news for them is not easy, nothing comes easily anyway, you have to work for everything.

Keep a good relationship with your friends

Friends who have websites can be of huge importance. If your website is so important to you and you would like to earn the backlinks free of charge, this is where you know the type of friends you have. Good friends will do you a huge favor by creating links for your website. When asking for backlinks from friends you have not conversed with for a long time, you might want to be a bit humble because they might hesitate to do it.

Social media accounts

Be it twitter, Facebook, instagram YouTube or any social media account you have, put your website url in your profiles. If you cannot be able to use your social media profiles to get backlinks, then I do not think you understand the purpose you have those accounts. They are not meant for conversation only, use them for the growth of your business. The followers and the people you are following should get to know about your website through your social media accounts and you will get a few people interested.


New website owners should not be worried about the information they are getting to learn about owning a site. It is not a lot of work if you know how to keep good relationship with the people you meet. Do not be scared because of the information you find about websites because the results are sweet. A coward is said to live many lives, but when it comes to business, your coward nature is going to kill you before you start. Make important decisions when it comes to your website and manage it well. Backlinks might take you a few weeks to earn but once you tireless work to get them, you will be in a better place.


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