Website Traffic Leads helps for Every website owner aspires to earn more traffic for his or her website.

But, then, earning reliable traffic from the major search engine platforms is never a cakewalk. Good traffic & conversion of visitors into leads have always been crucial for every online business, whether veteran or new.

One of the most common questions that irk all website owners is- “What does it take to enhance website traffic leads?”

I shall suggest some needed tips here.

The post offers unique details on what our clients did last year. You will get exclusive insights here from buyer’s perspective on using web traffic.

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Step 1: Optimize Landing Page

The landing page of your website is the very first thing which your visitor will see when they will land on your website. Thus, the page has to be just perfect in regards to your goals that you wish to achieve with the page and the website. As per HubSpot, nearly 50% of visitors will stay less than fifteen seconds on your site.

So, what can influence this meager dwell time?

  1. Speed of web page

The web page should take less than eight seconds to load. Some tools that can help here are google pagespeedgtmetrix and The page should be light-weight as a heavy page badly affects the loading time. So, do not stuff your page with excessive videos and photos. If a page takes forever to load, your visitors won’t wait for it. On the other hand, if the page is light and loads real fast, your visitors will love to stay on that page.

Besides, the page should be mobile-friendly & quick to enable visitors to navigate & click seamlessly. It has proved to double up conversion rate & sales.

To learn tips on scoring perfect 100 percent on the Google PageSpeed Insights, follow Neilpatel’s marketing blog.

  1. Pop-ups, sound and video

Any first-time visitor will hate these.

Do you have to activate pop-up? Well, okay, but make sure it pops up after your visitor has spent some time on the web page.

Audio effect is okay unless you are not playing it for others. While almost everybody loves music, not everyone’s , musical taste isn’t the same. What you wish to play on your webpage may not match with the music taste of your visitor. So, if you have to add music, let your user decide whether it should be played or not. I personally don’t prefer autoplay sounds. Such audio effects affects the gravity of a web page & has also shown reduced conversion rates.

Videos are amazing but these too can lead to unwanted adverse effects.

One, autoplay video are not preferred by all visitors. The other reason is too many videos lower the page speed.

The best duration for a video on your web page is 30 to 45 seconds. Make sure it does not exceed 5 minutes.

  1. Mind the content position

You will be able to optimize the desired message through proper positioning of your content on your web page.  It’s suggested to position it below fold & not on top of page. As per, 66 percent of engagement takes place below fold.

  1. Poor visual design

Visual design of a website is a crucial point which many tend to miss.

I do believe that you are aspiring to come up with the best possible looking website page. However, sometimes, the reality looks different. The reason could be wrong selection of fonts, colors, inconsistent elements, unprofessional page design etc.

I would suggest to go for a plugin such as Thrive Leads   to create a professional and catchy landing page. You can even hire a professional to help here. Fiverr is an excellent platform for these kinds of work.

  1. Illegible pages

Some web pages are stuffed with too many things. Such web pages confusing, complicated and lead you to nowhere.

If the web page can’t offer a proper idea on its theme, your visitors will get bored & leave your page soon. Make sure to create a smart page that features clear, to-the-point message.

A simple advice here is to include CTA by the conclusion of each paragraph. Also, make sure to break content in smaller paragraphs for easy readability. Adding images will help here.

  1. Improper content

Your website’s landing page should feature appropriate content which is specific to its theme. If you are selling ice creams and your content is about stamps- it will take you nowhere.

Put simply, the content of the page should duly complement its purpose. Your visitors landed in your page because they found it interesting. The content should respect their feeling.

How to Earn More Leads with Website Traffic

Step 2 : Choose good plugin for list building

You should invest in a good plugin to capture leads and register new visitors for your web page.

Some great examples of plugins for mailing list are Bloom, Thrive Leads, Sumo and Optin Monster.

I personally prefer Bloom and especially the second one.

It’s a breeze to use thanks to its readymade unique templates that will help to build amazing looking pages. It also extends a cool stats panel to chart unique impressions, conversion rate and conversions.

But you need something more added to a plugin for list building.

There are different factors to be considered here.

A big blunder observed with many websites is asking of excessive details from visitors.

Look at the example below. Which of these signup forms seem to be better, the left or the right one?

FORM2 looks more viable for conversion as it asks for less information from users yet can assure more leads compared to FORM1.

It’s even more conducive for small-screened mobile devices & follows the time-tested adage “KIS” (Keep It Simple).

It’s to note here users prefer short forms. It’s a busy world today. So, don’t use over 2 to 5 fields on forms. If one needs more data, it’s better to go for 2 stage boxes. You can also gather further information after sending confirmation email.

This is a fine example of a design from plugin Thrive Leads.

As you can see, the design is really simple and the only thing it asks for is an email id.

And an email id is extremely powerful. There is a great deal that can be done with just one email id of your target niche.

For free of cost stock photography, the best sites are:




Adobe  ( 1month free trial )

For smart mail Marketing service, you may go for mailChimp, Drip, GetResponse and so on.

Landing page checklist

  • Use bright & clean fonts

Your page should be easily readable with perfect professional look and clear fonts

  • Use right contrast & colors

Right colors cast major psychological & encouraging effect right on your users.

  • Write catchy headline

A winning headline will keep your visitors glued to your page & enhance its readability.

  • Highlight major things

Use colors and bolds to highlight vital points

  • Count on graphic elements

Make sure to add minimum one picture and/or other kinds of eye-catching elements

  • The page should be mobile compatible

You should check beforehand how the page appears on small-screened mobile devices. Go for to test mobile compatibility.

  • Show their pain and offer solutions

Point out to your visitors what is the pain which they have to deal with. Also show how your website will solve this problem for them.

There is always a great psychological influence when you promise to ease the pain through your help and it will help you to market your product subtly.

For example, in case you are dealing with an issue (the pain), our software (the desired solution) will help you.

  • Add reviews & testimonials

Include reviews & testimonials from real customers to enhance page credibility

  • Use counters

Counters constantly counting down stress some kind of psychological pressure & urges the visitor to take an action faster.

  • Strong CTA

Each of the landing pages of your site should feature minimum 1 CTA such as email subscription, button etc.

  • Test & refine landing page

Go for plugin data as well as other related tools for A/B testing on your web page to find out its weak & strong points. Change & modify weak points to enhance conversion rate.

  • Welcome email should be compelling

Check out 21 welcome mails for great ideas.

Step 3: Buy site traffic for getting visitors

Now, that you have created an optimized web page & have taken to list builder plug-in, you’ll need traffic.

Nothing is better than organic traffic but it takes time to build natural traffic. Thus, a smarter solution is to purchase website traffic leads

targeted website traffic leads

For most of the applications, you need targeted website traffic leads.

Go for Alexa traffic if you have to raise your site’s Alexa rank.

Gambling and adult sites have got a specific range of traffic customized particularly for them.

Social & mobile traffic are the actual stars now & people use them comparatively more than others.

See the chart below. you can see that  social website traffic leads  is leading.

Adult & gambling niches play a very small role here.

Number of visitors

Well, there is no one single answer to the question that how many visitors you will need for your site to make it stand out. You will have to count in differentiation in search term versus a wider niche. However, even when everything is in its best, there is no guarantee you will be able to convert any new visitor onto customer.

But still, if you want a rough estimation, you will need around few thousands visitors to escalate your web page online.

In case, the page hasn’t been super optimized- you will have to pay.

See the chart. Most of the buyers here are buying 20k to 40k visitors for every campaign.

Campaign time

Timeframe is always a significant factor to ensure the success of a campaign.

It’s because you can’t always expect a steady website traffic leads from visitors. At times, you may encounter low success while after a few days, you could see a rise.

The bottom-line is, you should allot sufficient time to your campaign and wait for conversions.

On an average, aim for 2,000 visitors a day. So if you want 30,000 visitors, run your campaign for minimum 15 days.

As per the chart, maximum buyers prefer a campaign time of 10+ days.

Campaign expectation

Let’s coordinate our campaign expectation.

Website Traffic Leads that comes from ads, pop-ups and expired domains is never the same as the organic traffic. Such kind of traffic isn’t exactly focused & may have high or low success rates. The truth is, we have witnessed successful campaigns where people noticed conversions in comparatively low volumes as well as the very opposite.

You must come up with an optimized page & feasible goals to stand out online.

Check out a reliable conversion matrix such as the one suggested by Dave McClure for tracking the progress of your campaign.

Let’s simply this table status:

  • Visit landing page
  • Stays over x seconds
  • Has got x number of page views
  • Has got x number of clicks
  • Sign-up
  • Open registration mail
  • Repeat visit
  • Makes sure to refer more than one visitor who lands on your site
  • Buy a goodie
  • Repeat buy

With paid Website Traffic Leads, the updated conversion number will look like:

I have filled out first & last rows. In this case, cost-per-visitor seems to be really low while you purchase ad traffic. However, it’s generally tougher to get repeated buy with this kind of website traffic leads

The remaining part of the table needs your page, budget, goals and more.

targeted website traffic leads

Step 3: Concentrate on site traffic for organic website traffic leads

You should focus on honing up the SEO of your site as well.

You can know more on  gray hat Search Engine Optimization  from the link as the benefits would be really rewarding.

Perks of SEO:

  • Free of charge targeted website traffic leads
  • Greater conversion rates
  • Help you to be your niche Authority
  • Help to build business
  • Earning opportunities from clicks and traffic flows

Pitfalls of SEO

  • Time-consuming
  • Involves great deal of effort
  • High cost
  • Carries penalty risks from search engines
  • No guarantee on it will actually work for your site in future
  • Involves high maintenance

It takes long time to gain website traffic leads from SEO but you will see rewarding results in the long run.

Things to do:

Site architecture

Create easy navigation on your site so that users can find information easily and fast, when needed.

Page speed

Page speed should be optimized for both desktop & mobile versions of your site.

Keyword research

Go for long-tail keywords that can be ranked easily. Such words can create a huge difference between high and low traffic volumes. New website owners should focus on low difficulty keywords.

Internal links

Create internal links circle in between all pages, including product pages.

Include Schema Markup

Schma markup or rich snippets enable to highlight certain parts of data for major search engines such as Google or Bing.

Meta Tags

Use correct meta tags . The most vital of these are bold, Title & H1 tags.

Lengthy content

Try to go for lengthy content with minimum 1500 words per post.

It should include naturally embedded keywords which can pull in traffic, boost site credibility as well as attract large numbers of links and readers.

Get backlinks

Link is a top signal for search engines. You should focus on pertinent links from your specific industry.

Leverage the power of social media

Social network sites can immensely help to advertise your website which will also cast a considerable  influence on top search engines.

Go for comparison analysis

Check out what your competitors are doing and try to see their mantra of success. Start with 2 pages initially instead of taking to their entire websites at one go.

Link out

Enrich your contents with links from pertinent articles posted in websites with high DA.  It will leverage the stature of your content before Google.

Final words

Online marketing certainly looks rewarding yet it’s no cakewalk. Thus, make sure to contemplate well prior to starting your campaign. Focus on elements which can boost your page. All the best!


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