Increased of landing pages conversion is the primary goal of any website owner. In fact, no or fewer conversions, is one of the biggest causes of failure for any business online. But the good thing is, the way to improve conversion is no rocket science. You would just have to abide by some smart strategies and a positive mindset.

Conversions Landing Pages

Define your website (landing pages conversion) goals

The website of a business is the primary vehicle of its internet strategy. It serves as the most significant digital representative of the business. Thus, your goal here would be to gain a prominent position for your website online so that it can attain high visibility, increasing popularity and high traffic flow.

To attain all these, the first thing to know is the actual objective or goal of your website.

You will utilize your site to communicate your brand proposals or messages to your target niche. But definitely, you will be expecting some sort of reaction from them when they land on your site. You have to decide beforehand what type of concrete actions you are expecting from the qualified visitors. These concrete actions should be able to positively contribute to the business’ communication, marketing and branding goals. And these actions will lead to “conversions” where your visitors will successfully convert to confirmed customers.

Now, prior to defining the conversion goals of your website, you must learn a thing or two about them.

Landing pages conversion objective types & their scope

Different websites have different purposes and hence carried conversion goals.

For example:

  • Commercial objectives to recruit prospects & enhance sales figures
  • Advertising & promotional objectives to enhance the number of target audience

Below is a brief on various conversion goals.

Conversion goal of commercial reach (service sale)

This approach comprises of the following:

  • The commercial goal of being able to sell the service that the business offers
  • The goal of understanding the requirements of target user (such as your target audience wants pro assistance to develop a site)
  • You define a major page where those interested may inform themselves & decide to take actions (like
  • You define the needed approach to meet the above objective
  • You raise the expectation level on the basis of number of required conversions over a certain time-period which would be considered “profitable” for your service

Conversions Landing Pages

Landing pages goal for marketing needs (enhance contacts with prospective clients)

You should have the database of interested public (prospective customers) in your web system. It will help to:

  • Follow your prospects
  • Analyze user behavior during browsing sessions
  • Calculate stats & analysis of varied user profiles & their typical needs
  • Issuance of loyalty actions
  • Conduct surveys & gain required feedback to understand direction of your business
  • Understand the graph of market evolution, the emerging needs & requirements of customers
  • Send offers, news or information that may pique the interest of the potential customers
  • Attain an edge over market competitors
  • Enhance positioning & leadership via increment in online participation quota

Conversion goal for NGOs or non-profits

Conversion goal doesn’t always imply a commercial intent. For a non-profit website, the conversion goals will be:

  • Increment of private affiliates willing to donate money
  • Recruitment of volunteers willing to work for the cause
  • Attain donations and grants from companies and government agencies
  • Increase audience size for widespread outreach of the organization’s message, mission and ethos

Strong landing pages conversion versus weak conversions

We will discuss this point from the angle of websites with commercial intent.  In that light, there are two main kinds of conversion goals:

  • Weak landing pages conversion goals
  • Strong landing pages conversion targets

Weak conversion refers to a concept where a user notes his interest in our services or information. it could be addition of a website to his favorites, subscription to mailing list etc.

Strong conversion implies to those objectives that aim to attain effective sales.

Scalability of your conversion goals

Internet marketing strategies aimed to sell a service or product, conversion objectives come in several stages:

  • First, the business aims to convert one “casual visitor” to “loyal follower”
  • Second, it looks to convert that “loyal follower” into “potential customer”
  • Third, it converts that “potential client” to “effective customer” who actually buys something from the website

The moment a visitor lands on your website, the most crucial things to do is to:

  • Catch his attention
  • Persuade the visitor
  • Turn the visitor into a potential lead and after that into an effective client

For this, you have to equip every landing page of your website accordingly so that each of them can help you to attain your desired goal.

Here are the steps to be followed.

 How To Get More Conversions For Your Landing Pages

  1. Send visitors to relevant page

The moment a person lands on your web page, he will be wondering whether at all he is on the right portal where he can find what he has been looking for. Now, if there are too many options on the page, he is likely to get lost & finally he will leave. Thus, you should aim to direct traffic to the page that’s specifically tailored to answer his questions.

  1. Create consistent experience

Regardless your visitor’s origin, the thing that matters here the most is that your visitor has arrived on your page based on a click on some banner or link which has proposed something. Thus, the landing page should be consistent with that very message that he saw on the banner or link. If he doesn’t find any similarity between the two, he will only leave your page feeling frustrated. If the person has been looking for ice-cream, don’t bring him to a page that sells shirts.

The bottom-line is the navigation should be smooth and free from all distractions so that the visitor can easily find what he has been looking for on your page.

  1. First impression

You must have heard of the old adage- “First impression is the last impression.”

Put simply, you have one single to create the best possible impression when a visitor first arrives on your site. The moment a person will land on your site, he will spend as little as 5 seconds to see whether the page is worthy of his time. If he doesn’t find the answer to his question on your page within that time, he will simply page.

Thus, you should deck up the upper part of your page with the most crucial elements to grasp attention of your visitor from the first go.

  1. Ideal size for landing page

Now, there is no single answer for that. The size will actually depend on your audience as well as how the data are to be presented. When it comes to repeated tests, it has been seen that longer landing pages with detailed service or product information tend to translate better compared to shorter ones. Thus, you have to test to understand the perfect size.

  1. Image or video

Well, as per studies, video is more attention-grabber compared to images. But your video must be able to explain clearly the service/product, its features and benefits. However, the category of the page matters here. For example, a corporate video won’t be suitable for a product page. However, professional video is costly so be prepared to extend your budget. Also, the video should be no more than 3 minutes as otherwise your audience will soon lose out on interest.

  1. CTA (Call to Action)

CTA is an element that prompts a person to take action online. Subtle alterations in action tab (like location, size or color) can highly influence conversion rate. Go for a simple, neat and catchy message for the CTA that can be an attention grabber. And bigger is the button, the better.

Let’s hope these tips will help you to attain positive improvements in the conversion rate of your site. But it’s just the beginning. You will have to work harder to leverage the impact. A 15% improvement in conversion rate may not seem to be a big deal but it is if it kicks in 15% increment in sales.

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