Don’t be deceived by the title, website traffic will remain the most convenient factor in determining the success of a digital business. However, it shouldn’t consume all of your effort and time and you should start heeding to website conversions. Yes, what makes you stand out in the crowd is the website traffic, but everyone is doing it, so you have to outsmart others and put some of your effort in website conversions.

Traffic numbers seem so appealing and you might show off by the number of unique visitors you had this month or how your traffic increased lately. But do you know the power of conversion numbers?

What is conversion? And how to focus on conversions? Conversion is basically turning your visitor into a purchaser, not just a guest that came to check your content and then leave. Conversions are important because basically this is how you make profit and build reputation. Will it be beneficial to have hundreds of thousands of visitors without sales? Of course not! You will even favor less traffic with higher sales and this the real-deal efficiency.

Accordingly, this article is dedicated to teach you how to focus on conversions and utilize them to maximize your income and increase your reputation.

how to focus on conversions

Know your Conversion Possibilities

Don’t think that conversions are only related to selling a product or making your users try your paid service. It is basically concerned with making your users get engaged in your business by any means. Conversions can be associated with making your users watch a video, download material, sign-up for free trial, print a coupon, share your content, ask for more information, etc. So it is basically making your users do something useful that benefits the reputation of your business or adding to your revenue.

Getting conversions might not be successful on the first trial or turning your visitor into a purchasing consumer right away, but it could be building for the future and persuading prospective users or visitors to buy. It is always worth the effort and time to know how to focus on conversions.

Yes, you are here to know how to focus on conversions, but you will also know how to use conversions efficiently. You have read some of the possible conversions above, but if your business offers all of them or most of them, please focus on offering 2 or 3 actions viewed above rather than utilizing all of them because this confusion might actually hurt your conversion rate.

Set your conversion priorities and draw a path or a map for the visitor to take in order to convert this user into a purchasing consumer by taking this path. Just like a maze, it has one exit in the end which is purchasing a product or whatever conversion priority you choose.

Creating this map is a logical maze that you have to design to lead even for more future conversions. For instance, let us assume that you are trying to sell a product from a landing page on your website. This landing page is linked on another page on your website that has the link of the landing page to pay for the product. After paying for the product, redirect your users to a page thanking them and asking them to put future feedback in the future with giving them an offer to a discount or a coupon in the future if they shared your product or invited 3 friends to buy your product.

content marketing how to focus on conversions

Tracking Conversion Rate

This article is teaching you how to focus on conversions, then you should guess that it will ask you to track such conversion rate to see if you are doing it right or not. Use any of the modern tools that help you track the conversion rates to be able to know if you are turning your users into consumers efficiently or not.

Want to stay basic, use Google Analytics to have a full view of what is going on your website, including the conversion rate.

Have Conversion Target

Before doing anything, try to imagine and visualize your conversion target. Conversion target could be a number of views, number of shares, profit, number of downloads, etc. You and only you could determine this factor, so put your goals and know how to focus on conversions.

Let us assume that by the first conversions tracking you found out that 2% of your visitors purchased your product based on the example we mentioned earlier. Set yourself a goal for example to increase your conversions to 7% and try to know how to focus on conversions and put new strategies to have this conversion rate by utilizing A/B split testing for example

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