Unfortunately, many business owners nowadays spot their complete focus on traffic, neglecting the power of conversions and how can it enhance their business. The good thing here is that in order to increase conversions, you don’t have to put large investments like in traffic, so you can find solid changes right away.

Accordingly, this article is dedicated to give you some ways to increase conversions for an enhanced business.

How to increase conversions

  1. Facilitate your checkout process

The checkout part is the most important and decisive part that determines if you actually turned your visitor to a purchaser or not, which is the direct definition of conversions. What would be the benefit of giving your purchaser a hard time in checking out? The purchaser might actually cancel the process and save time and effort.

People shop online because it is much easier, so don’t ruin the perks of the process. You can facilitate the checkout by giving a “checkout as a guest” option, making it not mandatory to make an account and waste time writing personal information.

Make the navigation through your cart is easy and limit the number of clicks the purchaser has to make in order to complete the transaction.

  1. Re-engage your customers

Think of it logically, you will find that re-engaging your customers to buy other products is much easier than having new customers. To increase conversions, you have to be smart about how to grasp the feet of your existing customers again.

According to some studies, you can increase your conversions in a very significant way. The study claims that if you can increase the customer recurrence by 5%, you will be able to make 25% higher profits.

  1. Have mobile-friendly shopping

You might not understand that such tip might actually increase conversions, but this is the case since many users don’t have a laptop or prefer using their phones as means of multitasking. If your website is not mobile-friendly, all of these users will look for alternatives to complete their shopping.

Don’t shut the doors for possible ways to increase conversions and make sure that you grasp as much purchases as you can.

Use a web design system that looks like a real app where it is not downloadable. Such design must support progressive web apps. Accordingly, your users will not find any excuse to purchase from your website.

  1. Reach the expectations of your customers

How to increase conversions

We all know that the rank of your website determines where your page is located on Google’s search, but does it really match the intended search?

Not having a matching search will definitely not increase conversions, but it will make the customers think that you are not credible neither worth their trust. Be careful on how to relate the page and be always credible for your customers.

Use Test Optimizer to be able to know if you actually meet the expectations of your customers or not by knowing whether the page is related to the search or not.

  1. Add some spices

Adding spices means show some urgency for the transaction to be taken. Some customers need a simple motivation or an extra push to be able to buy your product. Many people are hesitant, so don’t forget to help such customers for example by adding a counter that claims that you will enter a draw for a 20% off coupon.

The urgency here is not forcing the customers to buy, but to show them an incentive to buy. To increase conversions, you need to be smart and be able to develop some skills that catch the sight of your customers.

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