When visitors take less than a minute in your website yet the article is long, then there is something wrong. Visitors leaving your website the moment they click on it will increase the bounce rates. Increased bounce rates means your conversations are less and so is your profit. I will help you fix the problem using the following methods.

Create content that can be commented on

Some contents do not have an engaging factor with your visitors. Visitors want content they can relate to and have personal views about it. With this kind of information, a visitor will leave a comment after going through your article. Comments help a website owner to gauge the rate of the visitor experience in the website. Some new visitors also use the comments to know what to expect before reading the content. If the comments are good, the new visitor will be curious to go through the article.

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Be realistic

Taking every single step to make your website attractive and make visitors stay for long can lead to you adding some untrue features. If you have to add photos, use realistic photos so that it doesn’t look fake. The power of the message conveyed by a photo is very strong and if you are using images like silhouette or photoshoped images, the visitor will not be able to relate to that and will eventually leave the site. If the photos are not real, how can the content be real? That is how a visitor will feel.

Use videos

Watching a video is even more relatable than reading written content. Videos seem to be more real and interacting in a way. They make a visitor feel like the person or people in the video are addressing him/her directly. It gives a delusional one on one communication. The video will grasp the attention of your visitors as long as it has good content. With the high rate usage of YouTube, it should click an idea in you that videos are loved and they convey a lot of information.

Use high quality images

Blurry images makes it hard for clients to get the information, this is as a result of uploading poor quality images. A visitor doesn’t have the time to strain their eyes to see your images, and even if they had all the time, it is strenuous straining your eyes. Make it high quality and attractive by uploading good quality images and beautiful and professional graphics. The eyes of a visitor will first be attracted by the beauty of your website. This makes a visitor want to know more about the information in your site.

Make your content readable

So many factors contribute to this. Do I need to wear my glasses or use a magnifying glass to read the content in your website? I do not have that time, there are other websites with similar information and easy to read, you have lost a potential lead. Use good spacing between lines and words, good font that is neither small to strain the eyes nor too large to avoid a lot of scrolling. Also, ensure that the paragraph layout is good enough and the lines are not very long such that I have to use my fingers to trace the next line.

Improve the layout and the look of your design

When a visitor lands on your page, what do they see first? Is it the information they were looking for or a lot of unnecessary content? If a customer has to scroll all the way down to look for the information needed, be guaranteed he/she will leave the site and never come back. If he/she has to spend minutes looking for what brought him/her to your website, they will definitely leave. Make your website as tidy as possible and make the main information easily accessible, this way, they can read and then other things later. Be good at prioritizing what visitors see first.

Use testimonials

How has a person benefitted from your website? Testimonials can make a visitor stay for long in your website because it means a person has used your website and managed to do something. Visitors are easily convinced by a story from a person who has gone through an experience. You could write a testimonial yourself or get to lure those who have benefitted to write the testimonial so that it looks even more real.

Use other people’s success stories

Regardless of what your website entails, you can write about someone who has done something and succeeded. Success stories are encouraging and motivating. A true success story will leave you with less bounce rates because a visitor want to learn the techniques used by that person to succeed.

Be interactive

Be that person who will answer questions and respond to comments. Show that you are concerned. If a visitor finds unanswered questions or that you do not respond to your visitors, it means you are not concerned. If you cannot take care of your visitors and know how to convince them, no one will be interested to stay for a minute in that website. The more you interact with your visitors, the more you get to know what they think and what they want, that way you will be able to offer them even more than you imagined.

Page loading time

Have you ever visited a site where you have to wait for more than 10 seconds for the page to load? This is not a good experience especially when you want to keep your visitors. Reduce the time that your website takes to load so that a visitor can have a smooth experience without having to wait for minutes. He/she will definitely leave and looking back is not a customer’s trend.


Keeping visitors in your page will decrease the bounce rate and this will increase your conversation and eventually tends. There could be other ways to make your visitors stay but I have highlighted the top ten ways. Goodluck!


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