As an online business owner, you definitely are looking for any methods to increase your online sales. If not, then probably there is something wrong! You might be missing one of the most prominent way to increase your sales, which is using Facebook offer ads. Facebook offer ads will facilitate your selling process since they offer a bunch of options for the user to claim offers.

Enhance your Sales with Facebook Offer Ads

Making Facebook offer ads

To make a Facebook offer ad, you have to go to the Ads Manager and pick Traffic, Conversions, or Store Traffic. You can make a specific offer like offering your new users a coupon or certain discount so that you grasp the attention of new users and create higher traffic to make more sales.

Put a reasonable budget to start with and don’t forget to think of including images or videos with your Facebook offer ads to able to increase your sales since users believe that offers and ads are more credible with the involvement of media.

Facebook offer ads with promo codes

There are several types of promo codes that you can serve with Facebook offer ads. According to your goals and desires, you can use one or some of the following promo code types to target your audience to have more sales.

  • General:This is the most basic and simple promo code that you can always include in your offers where you basically offer all of your users on Facebook a certain offer by entering a promo code when they purchase from your website. For instance, you can use a promo code like FBSUMMER as a summer sale for your Facebook users for example.
  • Specific: It is known that feeling special is awesome, that is why users who get a special promo code feel that they shouldn’t waste this chance because they are probably not going to get it again. You can have this promo code shared by email or a downloaded text file having the special promo code. Make sure that you make this promo code complicated, unlike the general one, to eliminate any haphazard chances that it is copied.
  • QR codes: To make your promo code valid at different times, you can simply make your users check in or save it for a future usage. To know the formatting procedure, visit the Ads Help Center in Facebook and you will know how to manage it all.

Automate reminders

Worrying about the case where the users will forget about the offer or promo code and not be able to reach you? Facebook is smarter than that! Facebook offered ads will keep on popping to your users, especially near the end of the offer where Facebook will keep a short notice that the offer is ending soon.

Enhance your Sales with Facebook Offer Ads

Facebook offer ads tips

  1. Ads Modification

Editing your ads doesn’t mean that you failed, but it actually means that you are refining your ads for better sales. You can simply create a new ad offer as a way of editing.

  1. Put Time Limits

Don’t make your offers go on forever, but rather put some time limits where you encourage your users to follow the Facebook offer ads and claim their offer as soon as possible before it is gone. In addition, don’t put your offer inclusive of everything, leave some items without offers.

  1. Geotargeting

Having in-store offers could be enhanced farther by looking properly in your location targeting where you should be able to target nearby people, increasing the chance of having more sales.

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