Traffic, traffic, and traffic…this is what you always hear and care about when you are running an online business or posting content. Accordingly, it will be either so hard and requires a lot of effort, or having it is too expensive. So what to do to increase website traffic and conversion? Well, you might need to depend on using some algorithms that has perfect timing in delivering products.

Increase website traffic and conversion

Have a powerful searching tool in your website

Before discussing the power of having a good searching tool in your website and how it can increase website traffic and conversion, let us set it clear that you must also what does the user search for in Google to reach your site? The words they use to search is a strong factor that shows how they really want to buy your product or read your content. You must know how to reach your page through Google searching for example and modify the words you use so that you know how to target customers and what they do actually need. Some people might search for some product specs or some discounts for example, you would know by then that having a high quality product or making some sales will actually drive you more customers or give to these users the feeling that buying your product is the best option for them.

In addition, knowing what the users search for when they enter your website is a very valuable information since it gives you a sense of what users are looking for when they enter your website. By knowing this, you can modify your content or products to meet the desires of many users. The search tool doesn’t only facilitate the consumer experience and increase website traffic and conversion, but it also acts like a positive feedback system that lets you increase the traffic more and more by actually following what your users want. Your website shouldn’t be just a window for shopping, it should be used for comparing different products, giving some price reductions, recommendations, and many more with a powerful search tool that meets the standards of your users.

Bad search engines can be disastrous because it can diverge your users from what they actually want, which is undesired because it can make them navigate off your site, which is exactly the opposite to your desire to increase website traffic and conversion. The powerful site search shows some thumbnails in the search bar with a powerful speed and highly selective and filtered results based on word matching. If you aren’t able to produce an auto-complete site search, then simply don’t make one because it might harm you instead of benefiting you to increase website traffic and conversion.

Increase website traffic and conversion

Rely Partly on User-Generated Content

Thinking of new ways to increase traffic and conversion? Why don’t you try user-generated content? Forums and networks have proven that they drive a lot of traffic because basically they depend on people’s perspective, not a website’s content trying to sell a product, which people believe is more reliable in some cases.

Many people share such links and forums because they think they can benefit other questioners with such an experience. People are benefited and you are gaining benefit too! Which is an easy way to increase traffic and conversion.

Increase your Overall Website Speed

Starting with the website launching speed to the internal links speed loading, all of those are factors that increase website traffic and conversion because basically many users navigate of websites that are slow. Many people would prefer navigating of slow sites and searching for new websites that might be quicker even if this will cost them more time.

Start with measuring your actual site speed and consult a developer if needed to increase your website speed. Make sure also that you have some test users that try doing several actions on your website and give you feedback on the speed experience. Don’t risk it and increase website traffic and conversion by simply having a quicker website.

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