Want to utilize SEO, then all you have to do is put a lot of effort in developing your content to be able to drive the maximum possible traffic. This will make your brand shine and your online business foster. But have you encountered the case where you have developed your content by all possible ways yet you don’t get high traffic? Yes, this happens usually and almost with every online business owner, so don’t be upset, you are about to know how to fix this issue.

Why having low traffic occurs? Well, there are several inputs to this problem that include the duplicating or copying the ideas already present, an under-developed website, and not applying the right SEO techniques. Unfortunately, there are other issues that not many people pay attention for like giving the content creators an authority. The reason behind the presence of this factor is that authors are capable of providing a real identity to the content as well as allowing you to have a higher Google rank, which will increase the probability of having higher traffic.

Increase your Google’s Author Reputation

Sounds easy, but it is actually more complicated than you think. Stamping the signature of an author after each article won’t end the deal, you need to pass through Google’s standards to be able to actually become a source with authorship. Check the following methods to be able to know how to increase your Google’s author reputation.

What are Google’s Standards

Google basically follows expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness to asses the quality of your content and authorship to be able to give you the rank that you deserve. If you win Google’s trust, you win the users’ trust.

The techniques aren’t all you need; you still have to get in Google’s mind and know how the developers think and update their algorithm to asses the quality of your website to be able to modify your plans to increase your Google’s author reputation. Many quality raters hired by Google are in charge of assessing the quality of your website and collect some important data that can help Google put a fixed algorithm for rating all websites.

The most recent update by Google attributes low traffic for unknown websites, which demonstrates the high competition among websites now that took over all the space provided for unknown websites. It is time now to know the Google’s author reputation enhancement techniques.

Authorship’s Contribution

You might ask now why does actually authorship help you drive more traffic or rank higher according to Google’s standards. Let us go to the basics and compare an article with a clear author and an article without an author. As a user, you will definitely pick the one with the clearer identity, the one with an author.

This is a pseudo effect where people will believe that you are more credible and trustworthy, not just a vague person sticking some words together. The expertise and professionalism demand that if the content is really valuable, the author would like to have his/her name on the article to increase the reputation that any writer looks for.

Accordingly, here are the tips that will increase your Google’s author reputation:

Clear Expertise Statement

Having an expert writing the content with a clear statement that the author’s background or expertise exactly matches what is written will definitely make the people believe that the author knows exactly what is he/she doing. Such clear statement will even soothe the anxiety of many users if they are wasting their time reading something useless or not.

Increase your Google’s Author Reputation

Author Bio

Having an author with no identified background or biography is a waste of time. People would love to see who is the person who wrote the content and how the writer was able to develop the content.

Become Famous

Use Google Alerts to see if other authors mentioned you and your articles because such mentioning will increase your reputation as an author and drive you more traffic.

Content Choice

Be wise in your choices and pick the content that will engage a specific sector of people

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