Let us agree that increasing your website traffic is the main concern of any digital business owner because more traffic means more sales. But does your traffic always increase? Of course not! You will definitely face some obstacles and your traffic will definitely fall off, but you have to do something about it rather than being frustrated. Accordingly, check the following tips to act upon your traffic decline or increase your website traffic.

Increase your website traffic

  1. Facebook remarketing ads

Facebook has tons of visitors and users, so using it generally is a very powerful way to increase your traffic. The good thing is that Facebook can remarket your content or website generally for several audiences who visited your website from the first place. Facebook uses their history to promote your website again in case you downloaded Facebook tracking pixel on your site, which increases your return traffic and keeps your visitors.

  1. Facebook emails

Upload the list of emails to find the accounts of your users and promote your address to them. Again, retaining your users and having a return website traffic that is always fed is very fruitful because it prevents traffic decline.

  1. Twitter remarketing ads

Just like Facebook, Twitter allows you to remarket your site to the users who visited your website via the pixel app. However, Twitter requires a minimum audience of users, which is higher than those needed by Facebook.

  1. Twitter emails

Again, don’t limit yourself in one social media platform and start using many platforms to grasp more visitors. Uploading the list of emails on Twitter will allow you to find the profiles of your users to advertise your site again. Don’t forget that you need the same minimum number of users to be able to proceed.

  1. Twitter Cards

Using Twitter Cards is a huge plus when wanting to increase your website traffic because they are basically tweets that have some images and customizations in the tweet that make you feel more interactive. Media-attached tweets receive a higher number of clicks than texted tweets, so be smart in advertising your content.

  1. Put the appropriate headline

Do you have any idea of how many visitors navigate off your website after reading the headline? It is a huge number. Accordingly, you should spend some effort and time in choosing your headlines and titles instead of giving your all to the content itself because the title reveals it all. Remember that you need your visitors to stay for a longer period of time on your website, so be smart.

  1. Have your own email list

We mentioned that you can upload this list on social media platforms to advertise your content, but how about creating a newsletter and emailing your users regularly with what is new and what promotions are you offering.

  1. Blogging!

Never underestimate the power of blogging, because blogging keeps you in a very close position with your users and the interaction increases, making your content more authentic and credible. Many trials showed that increasing your blogging activity multiplies your current number of visitors to increase your website traffic.

  1. Advertising Blogs on Facebook

You should invest to start making some profit, and this is applicable by paying some money for Facebook ads to advertise your blog. Advertising your blog is a smart idea because a lot of people already believe blogs are more credible, so they will visit it originally. But with Facebook ads, you will flood more visitors to your website.

Increase your website traffic

  1. Utilize SEO

This is basic and definitely you have heard about it when it comes to growing a website traffic. The ranking of your website on Google is important because it is concerned with the presence of your website on which page on Google’s search results. Increasing your ranking via SEO utilization will make your website appear on early pages on Google, thus engaging more visitors.

  1. Blog exchange

Why don’t you grasp an audience of a certain website and have more visits to increase your website traffic? This is applicable if you can post your blog on other sites. But can you do that for free? Of course not! But how about exchanging blogs with other websites for a win-win situation? This exchange will actually help you in both ways because having a new writer or a writer from another website will also make your visitors escape your posts routine and check something new.

  1. Use quizzes

Just reading or checking content can be a bit boring idea for some visitors, so you have to do something and entertain them to keep them visiting your website to increase your website traffic. This is applicable by creating a quiz or a poll every now and then to keep your visitors engaged and feel your website interaction. Use an online tool to make quizzes, they are a lot.

  1. Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is a very underrated platform that has a lot of users that are mainly present in North America. Pinterest is a hub that basically has information on almost each and every life scope, so people think of it usually as the information bank to anything they are looking for. A lot of websites claim that using Pinterest as an advertising platform can increase your website traffic dramatically.

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