Everyone relies on statistics to be able to make a big move since statistics represents the most liable probability that will occur. Statistics doesn’t guarantee you something, but they can help you take a certain move. Even if you are trying to answer some people or convince your users with something, you need to present something that is solid proof like statistics.

Marketing statistics for a marketer


One of the most important marketing statistics for a marketer is the statistics concerned with SEO. Based on statistics, Google ranking algorithm component gives your authority of your domain 23.87%, link building 22.33%, and anchor text of external links to the page 20.26%. In addition, Moz’s organic traffic assign long-tail keywords 80%.

A lot of important marketing statistics for a marketer also include:

  • 90% of the users reading reviews are motivated by their purchasing decision
  • Higher leads can be attained by companies who are regularly blogging, giving them 434% more indexed pages
  • Trusting the company ranks the highest factor that motivates a buyer
  • A minimum of 2000 words is needed to rank on Google’s top 10 results
  • High quality content pages get more links
  • Having more than 1500 words articles guarantees you more shares on social media
  • YouTube ranks second after Google as a search engine


To have a complete guide over the marketing statistics for a marketer, take a look about some of the search statistics:

  • 75% of the clicks are attributed to the top 5 results
  • More than 90% of the US internet users search monthly
  • 33% of the traffic goes to Google’s top organic search
  • More than 90% of web surfing starts with searching
  • Users navigate of from the first page of search results with a percentage of 75%
  • More than 60% of the clicks are attributed to Google’s top 3 listings
  • Organic results are more important than ads for 75% of the users
  • The top ranked page gets 18% of the organic clicks
  • The second top ranked page gets 10% of the organic clicks
  • The third top ranked page gets 7% of the organic clicks
  • Google has around 70% of the market in search engine
  • Email and search are the most used internet activities

Marketing statistics for a marketer


Headlines actually has a very high percentage of the reason why websites have a high traffic. Accordingly, studying their marketing statistics for a marketer is very important.

  • Using numbers in headlines are ranked the best for 36% of the users
  • 21% higher CTR is attributed to titles with eight words
  • 27% higher CTR is attributed to content with thumbnails
  • 20% higher CTR is attributed to headlines with odd numbers than even numbers
  • 80% of the readers read just the headline
  • The headline can change the traffic by 500%
  • 64% of the users prefer headline capitalization
  • Don’t use titles with more than 9 words
  • Use numbers rather than lettered numbers


Social media is now a very diverse platform and it helps many marketers to get higher reach for their sites, so understanding the marketing statistics for a marketer became mandatory in this very interesting scope.

  • 93% of the advertising posts on Facebook are accompanied with photos
  • Having a Facebook post with photos receive 53% more likes than a normal text post. In addition, they get 104% more comments and 120% more views
  • Facebook posts with photos have 84% more CTR than text posts
  • Thursdays and Fridays record 18% higher rates
  • Posts shorter than 250 characters get 60% more responses
  • Posts shorter than 60 characters get 66% more responses
  • 33% more comments and shares are attributed to posts with emoticons
  • Posts with questions receive more comments by 100%
  • Facebook shares: 81.9%
  • Twitter shares 8.6%
  • Google+ shares 4.3%
  • Pinterest shares 3%
  • LinkedIn shares 2.2%

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