Having an online business that is struggling to grow during to website traffic sources limitation is a common case since you can reach a plateau and run out of other sources. You might be utilizing SEO, active on social media, paying a lot for ads, etc. Don’t think that this is the end of the world as there many others.

According to my experiences, I have hit a plateau before and thought that there is no other website traffic sources, but this wasn’t the truth because I found many other surprising and unexpected website traffic sources that I never thought they might be existent.

Numerous Website Traffic Sources

  1. Give a webinar for free.

Giving some free webinars is a very tactical way to get new audience and more traffic. Make sure not to make a webinar on vain, check some of the problems or concerns of a majority of people or something that is trending and come up with a free webinar discussing the solutions to this problem. Having a successful webinar will drive you a lot of traffic

  1. Send your content to discussion sites.

Of course you will submit your articles on your website, but what about sending your content to some discussion websites to engage more with them and try to gain votes as much as you can. People believe that such discussion websites give credible opinions as it is composed of people not trying to make profit purposefully.

Go and make some vivid discussions with discussion site owners and get feedback and even modify your content, which is a strong website traffic source that can get you a lot of visitors.

  1. Spend more effort on YouTube videos.

In case you aren’t using YouTube videos as a traffic driving method, then you are missing a lot of traffic that can make your business foster. YouTube has millions of users, so posting a good content on it will definitely drive you a lot of traffic. In addition, using media in general in your content has proven to be the best way of interaction with your users.

In case you already use YouTube, put some of the clickable links on your videos to advertise your website for more information for the interested users so that they visit your website.

  1. Utilize guest posts.

Just as I mentioned, visitors sometimes find more credibility when people like them share your posts, so why don’t you engage in guest posting in other blogs or websites? You will get the privilege of getting the audience of another website.

This sometimes is not done for free, so you can go for guest posting exchange, which is also useful for your visitors because you break their routine.

  1. Have a unique email signature

Do you underestimate the power of sending email to your users regularly? You are probably mistaken, and you are missing a website traffic source that can drive you a lot of visitors. In addition, end up your email with a unique signature that will emphasize the idea of you having a specific brand.

Numerous Website Traffic Sources

  1. ‘Tweet This’ option.

You might be sharing on social media, but how about facilitating the sharing of social media on your website. But do you know that if your content isn’t of high quality no one will share it right? So focus on writing a good quality content and add a “tweet this” option for your readers to make them share your post and other people visit the same link.

  1. Show your mastery in Quora.

Replying to questions on Quora and referring your solid background to a link to your content or your website generally is a very useful way to drive more traffic to your website. Quora answers receive votes, so make sure that you are providing some useful answers that are based on real knowledge. The more votes you get, the higher the probability to drive more traffic. Utilize sources like Quora as one of the most prominent website traffic sources.

  1. Use LinkedIn.

Who said social media is only concerned with Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube? LinkedIn is a very powerful website that shares a lot of information in a more professional way. If your content can be shared on LinkedIn, then you are on the verge of getting a lot of traffic.

  1. Comment early.

As I just mentioned, replying to forums is a very powerful website traffic source. Try to make your replies or comments as early as possible to catch the very first sight of visitors. Don’t forget to refer your website or a link of your content to appear on the first answer or first line of comment as the first comment is the most visible one.

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