Who said that link building is the only way to increase the rank of your site? There are many other ways to rank a website without links. Having diverse methods that influence your rank will superpose and present you the best results.

As just mentioned, having various techniques is the best option, which doesn’t mean that link building is the best way to increase the rank of your site, so be smart and implement other ways as well to be superior.

By the end of this article you will a lot of ways to rank a website without links.

Rank a website without links

Social signals

Social signaling is the criterion of seeing how the fans or users responded to your content on social media like the number of shares and likes. Search engines can take the number of shares of fans into consideration and rank your website higher according to such fan response.

Of course, social signals can be strong if and only if your content is marvelous, but also you need to build a high fan base and do some advertising methods that make your fans share your content a lot on social media, which is a very smart way to make search engines take your content into more consideration and give it a better rank.

Google denies that such social signaling can affect your rating, but the truth is that such social signaling can rank a website without links even if indirectly. So, become more active on social media and all of its platforms and respond to your fans to be able to increase your social signals.

Click-through rate

In case this is the first time for you to hear this term, click-through rate is the value of the division of the number of clicks on a given search result by the number of times the search result was shown in the listing.

So click-through rate actually shows if the users find your ads useful and relevant or not, which is a success criterion. As you have seen in the past method, Google denied that it approves the social signals as a ranking criterion, which is not true since actually Google considers such signals. Accordingly, you can increase the rank of a website without links via the CTR value as Google uses it to define your rank.

You can increase your CTR by rewriting your title and description, put numbers in your titles, mimic high CTR pages, use rich snippets, and you can put an offer in your title.

Session Duration

Session duration is the average spent time on your website, which shows how your users responded to your content. According to some studies, it was proven that the highest ranked sites have a high average spent time or session duration. This statistical data shows that Google depends on session duration is a measure to how valuable is your content and actually increases your rank.

This means that you can increase a rank of a website without links by making your users get more excited about your article and spend more time on it.

Google tracks the session duration by checking if the users click on the link of the first top search results and stay or bounce back, which shows the interest of users in your content.

Rank a website without links

Bounce Rate

Continuing the discussion of the session duration, bounce rate is the rate of the visitors visiting your site and leaving after reading the very first page only.  High bounce rate doesn’t mean your content is awful, the user might haven’t found what he/she was looking for. However, Google might consider the high bounce rate as a bad signal and it might lower your rank a bit.

Don’t leave a space for Google to lower your rank by using the right keywords and title from the first place to make sure that the visitors you get are the ones who are really interested in your content, not a random user or someone looking for something else. Having a high traffic without high duration session can sometimes be harmful, so be honest with yourself and your users.

Therefore, it is your responsibility here to lower your bounce rate to increase the rank of a website without links. 

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