In most cases, link building strategies are hard to use and they are not suitable for many field beginners. Accordingly, a lot of specialization and effort must be spent in order to be able to follow the advanced the link building strategies.

On the other hand, there are some simple link building strategies that doesn’t require a comprehensive knowledge to use, which is the purpose behind the presence of this post.

Link Building Strategy

1. BlogDash

Because bloggers demand interaction and communication, BlogDash is used as a platform to connect bloggers with each other to engage in high level discussions and find usual opportunities, which is definitely needed in today’s social media. You might not understand the importance behind the presence of BlogDash, but mathematically speaking, BlogDash has a wide community of more than 200k users at the writing time. The good thing here is that BlogDash is totally for free for bloggers and for $250 per month for business users.

BlogDash can be used as a link building strategy. You just have to find promising guest blogs to build links, which can help you have common sharing of posts everywhere, increasing your outreach.

2. Guestr

Guestr is another tool that looks for guest bloggers where this site gives backlink as an exchange for blogs written to them, which is a very smart link building strategy that benefits both parties. The website owner can know more about the blogger website through requesting social media profiles.

Being a blogger gives you a wide range of opportunities to look for guest posting in a specific scope in various sites with free access. Adding your website demands providing category, tags, description, title, and monthly visits. Those are the things that you need to provide manually, however, PageRank and Alexa Rank are found automatically.

3.  Scrapbox as a link building strategy

You might have already guessed that this tool is for searching and looking since this is the meaning of the word scrap. But scrapping here is used to look or find keywords in web sites. Scrapbox then is a tool that can search for certain keywords to hunt some URLs based on the keywords you are searching for. So this is a combined tool that can help you find sites matching your keywords and it can actually generate a long tail keyword, look for emails, and even make blog comments. Imagine all of this done at a very high speed, then you definitely now know why Scrapbox is one of the best link building strategies.

4. Outreach for links

Link Building Strategy

Search for pages that are relevant to yours and if it deserves your efforts then email the author asking for using a reliable outreach template. Don’t just pick the templates and use them as you find them without any modifications. Make sure that you adjust the templates based on your usage and begin with few personal lines about the author.

Don’t be upset if not many authors reply to you, this is normal and it might take a lot of time to make you successful. Still this is considered an easy link building strategy because it just demands effort, not comprehensive knowledge.

5. Screening with Paywall

This is like a security system where paid subscribers are the users only allowed to view the content of a webpage. This method can be hard paywalls or soft paywalls where the former allows the access only to paid subscribers and the latter is kind of flexible yet limited in the content revealing.

6. YouTube as a link building strategy

A platform with a large audience like YouTube must be used wisely as a link building strategy as it can increase your number of visitors dramatically.  As a beginner, look for a video in the same scope as yours and try to do something similar. All you have to do is start looking for links with high volume and low competition so that you can force your keyword research tools.

7. Two stage broken link building

Link Building Strategy

Broken links are found everywhere and you can use them extensively in your link building strategy without going farther than the white hat SEO.

8. Make a resource page

It is more like FAQ and a method to communicate with your users effectively as to make a database for new users and other sites as well.

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