Many users can’t identify the fine line between traditional marketing and content marketing despite the fact that content marketing is gradually surpassing traditional marketing. Knowing the different marketing methods and how to invest your money based on your goals is essential to avoid wasting time, energy, and money. Accordingly, this post is dedicated to educate you more on content marketing so that you become aware of it totally and to avoid any deceptions.

content marketing strategy

What is Content Marketing?

The definition of content marketing can be clearly identified after determining the “marketing” definition. Marketing is the sum of all actions regarding selling and buying goods like advertising, which is our scope here since this what grabs the attention of business owners the most. So, the basic definition of marketing used here is advertising of certain products.

Now what is traditional marketing? And why is it used? You can infer from its name that it is advertising a specific product or good sold by a company. We stumble in traditional marketing daily in TV, newspapers, websites, etc. You might be surprised that this type of marketing is getting diminished day after a day after a day. Traditional marketing lost its credibility long time ago when consumers became aware that such ads aren’t always true, making consumers stereotype that all such ads are fake or not credible. You can notice now that for example YouTube has an option to skip ads, which is definitely due to the fact that a big sector of people now isn’t interested. You might ask then why a big brand like YouTube still advertises such ads? Well, they get paid for doing such ads and they don’t want to lose their audience so they give them an option to skip.

Business owners are now aware of the fact that users don’t trust traditional marketing anymore, that is why heading to a new way of marketing, content marketing, was needed. Content marketing is basically marketing with content, which is simply advertising with credible and valuable information based on something that is true. So, the fine line between content marketing and traditional marketing is that the former has more valuable information than the latter. Why is content marketing attracting more people? Because people now refuse to be tricked and they need to know more information based on facts that are general, not fancy ads for a specific product that sometimes are fake.

 content marketing strategy

For instance, imagine a traditional marketing scheme advertising a green tea product. This agency will simply go and state that this product is capable of making you lose up to 10 pounds per week without limiting your food to low calorie ones. On the other hand, content marketing will state some scientific facts about green tea generally and how it is capable of letting you sustain a healthy lifestyle besides losing weight. This content can be advertised through a letter or even a webpage and directed towards green tea generally, not that specific product.

Using content marketing doesn’t assure you 100% success, where you still have a big space to do it wrong. To be able to be successful with using content, you have to know the reason behind publishing this content so that you produce a high quality one with a purpose. You also have to know which cluster of people are you targeting and what are their needs. According to such specs, you will then have to make a detailed plan about your content and how you will market it. Then have more than one look on your content and make sure it fits your audience and purposeful.

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