Whenever you search for anything in any search engine, you will likely find the search results giving you links to videos first because basically videos have a higher CTR than any other information format. People prefer viewing videos because they believe that the conceive the information much better than reading some content, so why don’t you try to grow your income through FAQ videos?

grow your income with FAQ videos

You might ask how can you make bigger profit with FAQ videos? And how can you utilize them? The answer relies under the idea of making higher traffic, which is doable because you can make some FAQ videos that finds solutions to certain problems that your users face or talking about a general problem. By doing the right video, you will gain higher traffic, hence you will be able to grow your income with FAQ videos.

By utilizing FAQ videos, you will have a better Google rank as the including of media in content is detected and evaluated by Google, hence increasing your organic traffic. The higher the traffic the higher the probability that you will sell a product or service, so try to grow your income with FAQ videos and you will not regret it.

  1. Become a celeb

According to our communities, everyone appearing on the screen with confidence is most likely a celebrity or someone that has an authentic word. To have some brand recognition and advertise your service, use FAQ videos. The following tips will show you why FAQ videos are important.

  1. Show your knowledge

Don’t be so short in your videos or try not to give your users all of your knowledge seeking some profit in the future. Go ahead and answer the questions of your clients to become their source of information in many scopes. Having this reliability will put your brand in a very recognized position.

How will you become unique if you don’t actually put some valuable knowledge on the table? Nothing! Become unique and shine among the other knowledge presenters by giving your best to your users.

  1. Become the boss

What is better than looking for an answer for a certain niche and actually find this answer in a form of demonstration like a video? Definitely nothing! By giving such useful information, you can build the master-student relationship in a digital way and become more engaged with your users.

  1. Interaction

Please remember that you are not dealing with companies, you are dealing with an audience, you are dealing with people! Dealing with companies is all about a trade-off between quality and price, where you can present this in the form of a digital offer or digital content in general. However, dealing with people demands more transparency and demands kind of interaction to believe that you are credible. Posting FAQ videos will give the users sense that they are actually dealing with a brand face, not just some information posted online.

  1. Increase Your Brand Value

You will not only grow your income with FAQ videos, but you will also have a more recognized brand and have the fame you were looking for because simply you follow the supply and demand strategy, which is the most favored method by most clients since they need answers or information for what they are looking for in a very detailed and concise at the same time way.

grow your income with FAQ videos

Tips for Prominent FAQ Videos:

Video Length

This has no specific answer, but the tip to follow here is to take your time until your actually answer the question…not more not less. The answer should be detailed yet concise, always put yourself in the user’s shoe and try to make the video accordingly.


Never put some sales and ads in your FAQ videos because you will not grow your income with FAQ videos if they are not credible right? Don’t fall in this mistake and keep it transparent as much as you can to make the people believe in what you are actually doing.

Free information?

You might want to leave some of the information for paid business, but how about giving your users the answers and the solutions without painting the exact road?

What to answer?

Create a list of the questions that you usually receive and list the priorities with a giving the highest priority to the most asked questions. File the inquires and begin your FAQs and make them specific so that your users don’t find themselves watching a long video of many FAQs that doesn’t concern them.

After posting some FAQ videos, you will start receiving more inquires and you will grow your income with FAQ videos.

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