Without traffic you will most probably not be able to make sales and profit. If you have a digital business that doesn’t have a lot of visitors, there are some methods to increase revenue for low traffic sites that will help you grow your income even if you don’t have a lot of visitors.

Increase revenue for a low traffic site

Know who are your visitors

Make use of the Google Analytics detailed report to know more about your visitors. You will be able to know the number of visitors that you have daily, weekly, and monthly. In addition, you will also know which of your pages are visited the most to be able to locate the most interesting sector of your content. Google Analytics also help you determine the duration the visitors take on your pages, which conveys the interest or disinterest of your users and visitors. By having such stats, you will be able to modify your strategy or build some tactics to increase revenue for a low traffic site like yours.

I understand that if you have a very small audience you will not be able to make use of such stats because there is a threshold where you start finding a trend. The trends you find from such analytics gives you information about what type of modifications you need to make to increase revenue for a low traffic site.

Know your plan

You will never know which plan works best for you if you didn’t actually test several plans. You might need to change your design, headlines, titles, and many more to know which design for instance will let you increase revenue for a low traffic site.

You can also start by forming an A/B test and for instance put the CTA on a landing page and check the conversion leads to know which page layout is the most effective for you.

Your main concern as a low traffic site owner is that A/B tests show slight differences that you will mot be able to consider which layout is the most effective. Having this low sample size will make your comparison vague without leading to which strategy will let you increase revenue for a low traffic site.

The Solution

Yes, you are a low traffic site, but is it the end? Should you give up and switch to another business? Of course not! Basically, all business owners faced the same situation that you are facing, but what makes the turnover? According to the abundant presence of this issue and its significant impact, this article is dedicated to guide you to how to overcome not making any profit because of the low traffic.

Increase revenue for a low traffic site

How to understand your audience even if your traffic is low

  1. Personal User Analysis: Not having a lot of visitors? Why don’t you take the opinion of your users personally by asking them to fill a survey or reply to direct questions. Such user-specific feedback can be an indication of many things to you to facilitate your analysis. You can also reward your users with any privilege after helping you by providing feedback.
  2. Ads Surveys:  But the difference here is that you are not relying on your users, you are checking how other audiences from other sites respond to viewing your ads, which is a very important statistical analysis to know what types of ads will actually increase your revenue for a low traffic site.
  3. Session recording:  There are a lot of creative tools present today that can help you in recording all of the actions done by a specific user on your website to be able to know how a user navigates in your website to be able to understand what is the most and least interesting parts of your website. A low sample size is not an issue here, start by such tracking to be able to know how to increase revenue for low traffic site.

How to know your winning plan

Step 1:

You have to test some strategies that are used by the websites that have the highest traffic, definitely they have a point on why they chose such strategy. You can test such strategies on your website first and see how your audience responds.

Step 2:

You will definitely deal with a low confidence interval when trying many strategies, but you will definitely find a trend even if it is a weak one. However, such trends will help you in the A/B testing discussed earlier.

Step 3:

You can rely on those low confidence intervals and don’t follow some unrealistic ones, even a 70% confidence interval will give you some results that will help you increase revenue for a low traffic site.

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