WBN and PBN Network

Most people already know what is Private Blogs Network (PBN), but Web Blog Network (WBN) stays mysterious for some despite the fact that it actually can add a lot of value to your SEO strategy. WBN has many benefits when compared to PBN and we can see that in the less initial cost needed. In addition, WBN is helpful in that it is hosted for free on public servers, can be add new sites, can be easily controlled, and you don’t invest in domain name.

WBN and PBN Web Blog Network

However, WBN doesn’t have a variety when talking about design and it uses basic CMS. Not to forget to mention that your URL is a subset of the domain.

Blog network link building fixes all of the mistakes presented by feeding your network with links from a solo article site, which has no real value. Google now is updated to check the web2.0 sites that add useless links, so by understanding blog network link building you will be able to tackle such obstacles.

WBN overcomes the problem of single article sites by being constructed from several distinctive sites that can be related and non-related to your article, giving you a higher probability of getting a better Google rank since some articles are related to your topic with having several distinctive links. Blog network link building doesn’t have to rely on 100s of sites to generate links, 50 links would be more than enough. In the beginning you will need to work hard to post more posts to add content then you will move to the design phase where you make your content attractive. To attain a high level of blog network link building, aim for one image and more than 1000 words in you content to actually guarantee a high-quality post.

High Authority tumblr sites search For WBN and PBN Network

Tumblr is a well-known web2.0 that enables you to have your own blog, which is great for your for WBN and PBN Network.

It is a commonly used platform and easy to use.  is a popular lightweight blogging platform.
This platform is used widely in blog network link building as it has 98 domain authority in the writing period.

Looking for expired pages on those domains and register them to use them is a very good idea as a start instead of initiating blog link building network of your own, which saves a lot of time with supplying you with high authority links. You can find a market on Fiverr of people selling accounts, but you will become more educated and do that on your own. You can use the following tools to find HA tumblr sites:


ScrapBox Free Adds on
Free Moz API


Control your Blog

Not all of the known methods can actually make your blog successful in terms of SEO, so here is a quick list of what you need to do to have a successful one.

WBN and PBN Network

1) Include original content
Duplicating content is one of the main reasons your blog will fail because you will find the same content on tons of websites, making your Google rank low, in case you weren’t even banned

2) Include posts with more than 1000 words
Dense content is always favorable in terms of Google ranks.

3) Include related links only
Having unrelated links will hurt your blog instead of helping it, so make sure to include high quality links that are actually related to your post specified to your post not all of your posts.

4) Include some multimedia
Having photos and videos in your posts will make them look more authentic and reliable, so make sure to include some related images and videos.

5) Include a logo

Make your blog and post look more authentic by supplying a logo and a domain specific email.

6) Plan your posts ahead
Finish your posts and prepare them ahead and post them gradually. Don’t rush your posts and vary the times and the days of putting your posts. Tumblr is one of those tools that can actually help you in slowly releasing your posts.

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