While Private Blogs Networks are fairly common, Web Blog Networks are nor very popular. However, developing a Web Blog Networks using any web 2.0 site like tumblr, wordpress or weebly etc. is not only good for your SEO plan but also cheaper as compared to other PBN. Besides, it provides free hosting and domain name and also allows you to manage and expand easily. WBN is developed using many sites, making your blog more connected with Google. It allows you to start with few posts, each of about 1000 and with images and basic designing of your blog. With consistent quality of posts, you can switch t maintenance mode after some time and post only once in a certain time period.

Web Blog Networks

Finding sites with Tumblr (or any other similar web 2.0 site)

Tumblr is a blogging platform which is simple, easy, lightweight and popular. You can find expired domains and high authority links associated with tumblr and register them for yourself.

These tools will help you:

ScrapBox can work well for SEO plan if the accurate shared proxies are used. Searching for the same IP from a search engine can lead to blocking or blacklisting. So, a cheap proxy service that will cost you around $0.5-$1.5 for a month can be used.  Because they are not free, they will not get exhausted soon. But if you are using ScrapBox more often, you need to invest more. Buy a proxy that supports Google search.

For better results, install these addons to ScrapBox:

ScrapBox Vanity Name Checker to check for availability of name, brand name and keywords for registration on popular web 2.0 sites.

ScrapBox Page Authority will allow you to choose a name that has a good SEO metric and develop a strong account.

Finding Expired Domains

The ScrapBox harvester can be used after a Custom Footprint has been developed that will guide the harvester to search locations. It would be simple on tumblr, like site.tumblr.com.

This simple footprint directs the location of search. The content of search can be found by scraping for keywords. It can be done using Keywords Tool. This tool helps you to find hundreds of unique keywords to match your keyword, which can be copied as it is to the keyword box.

Web Blog Network

The next step is to adjust the connection settings on your harvester. It will be done according to the number of proxies and type of connection that you are using. However, generally, around 10 connections should be used for one proxy.

Then, you have to select the engines to scrap, the most popular of which are Google, Bing and Yahoo. Following this, use the Vanity Name Checker to find the available tumblr blogs from the harvested list.

Checking for available profiles

The Vanity Name Checker addon helps to find the available domains for web 2.0, which will be used in this step. Make sure you have removed all duplicates before you run the list with this addon. Once it is open, select tumblr only by selecting the check box.

  • You can also change the vanity settings to find connections faster and extend the response time to get the desired results.
  • Import the available results from ScrapBox Harvestor by clicking on Load button.
  • Run the checker and once it is done, you will get an updated list of URLs.
  • Select the URLs that are available and export them to a CSV file. Run again if you find errors in any of them.
  • Save the available results for checking SEO metrics later on.

Check the SEO Metrics

ScrapBox comes with a Check Pagerank option, but it is not updated regularly. For better results, install the Page Authority addon. As this is based on Moz Rank, you will need to add an extra layer of filters.

Login to your Moz account to use Miz API and click on ‘Generate a key’.

Your Access ID |Secret key | Proxy IP (optional)

At this point, the proxy IP and ID will become invalid. Enter the available data in account setup and open the addon for Page Authority. Load the file of available URLs that you earlier saved from Vanity Name Checker. Run it.

The Moz test API may be slow because you are using a free version and may take up to 10 seconds for a query. But, as you are checking for a very large number of blogs, this should not be a problem.

You can also change the vanity settings to find connections faster and extend the response time to get the desired results.

Export the final list as CSV. Pen the file with Excel and sort them according the results on Authority page. To find the website with the best traffic, drop the ones that have an Authority of 1.

This is the list of best options for you, with an Authority of 30 or above. For improving the results further, you need to measure them. For this, go to Moz and type the URL to check its worth. This link here has a poor SEO value because it has a number of links associated with one domain.

You will also need to check the spam score. If it is more than 5, it is not a good option. An ideal option should have a balance for link and root domains, apart from a good page authority.

As it can be seen, there are some links with a good page authority that have both links and MozRank as 0, but the Moz Open Site Explorer gives more detailed information about it. But this is not all!

Start with the PA filter. Then enter the results in an Excel sheet with extra columns that will store the counts for root domain, spam and links. Add your remarks and rank the other tools for best results. Check each one to eliminate irrelevant content, high spam score or a poor profile of links to filter the best results.

Web Blog Network in Building Links

Maintain the Web Blog Networks

A unique approach is needed for maintenance of your blog to make sure that you get the best SEO results. Including pages of content and adding links to them will not be enough. There are certain steps that you need to follow to get best results:

  1. a) Try to include content that is original or spun only on high quality sources.
  2. b) Write posts that are at least 1000 words long. It will set you apart from most blogs that have posts of about 200-300 words.
  3. c) D not include all random links. Focus on relevance of content.
  4. d) Add media- photos and videos, to make your content more interactive and interesting.
  5. e) Fill up all the introductory fields. Add a unique e-mail link to every blog.
  6. f) Focus on contents in the initial stage and start adding links to your posts only after the site has been indexed to avoid suspicion of manipulation.

Make sure that the links are randomly added in the post and do not add more than one link to a post.

Add all types of anchors to the post and try to include the link within the first 100 words. You can also use internal links, but avoid repetition.

  1. g) Prepare some posts but upload them only after fixed intervals, one at a time. Schedule the uploads by selecting a date and time from the options available under all posts.

You can also employ tumblr bot TumbleNinja to make sure that the blog is running.

Web Blog Network in Building Links

Problems associated with WBN

Even though Web Blog Networks are one of the best options available, there are still certain issues with them:

  • The search engines cannot detect blog posts easily.
  • Not all or even the most of the links should be from one site.
  • If many people will use this technique, it will not be good for SEO.
  • Blog accounts are likely to be blocked and deleted more because of their content.
  • Not all the blogs meet your information needs.

Though not ideal, WBN is one of the best methods that can be used for developing a successful blog. The strong domain can help people find your blogs easily and the issues will limit your expectations.

Understand the network that you are building

The links that you put in your posts are very important for your blog. Always focus on developing a WBN network by putting all relevant sites to use. Include all the sites that are somehow related to your blog. But make sure to draw a line that will differentiate between their content. This way, you will be able to link your target site to all important information available on other sites. Your content will be relevant and also interrelated. It will also help in developing a link between many blogs. Finally, stay within your niche unless you want to sell the link.

Final Suggestions on Maintaining the Blog

The main focus of a diverse SEO profile is to make sure that links from multiple sources are added. The relevant links that you add to your posts and pages will help in developing better SEO. For this, make sure you use only relevant domains. Remember that Web Blog Networks are also a certain type of back links and using services like tumblr make your back link easy to find.

And don’t forget to use your own experience at blogging to develop your style and find the best way that works for you!

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