You might have been using a lot of strategies and techniques to get traffic and attract visitors to your site but you still aren’t satisfied by the number of visits. This situation is common and it might be due to the fact that you aren’t using social paid traffic services.

Accordingly, this post has a sole purpose of introducing you to some of the social paid traffic services and how to use them to get more visits soon.


You think you might not find your topic of interest anywhere? You are mistaken, because StumbleUpon is a very diverse social network that connects people with various interests. StumbleUpon is considered to be one of the most efficient traffic generators since they group the users searching for a certain topic with all of its relevancies in a lineup, increasing the probability that they could view your page.

StumbleUpon gives you privilege if your page is highly liked, making it on the top of the search for users. Make sure to create a unique and grasping content so that many users will like your page to create a positive feedback system where the more likes and more visits you get, higher and higher number of visitors will visit your page.

Be smart in picking the category you write about, so you have to check the highly searched categories on StumbleUpon and start developing your content in this scope.

The good thing also here is that you can actually develop a stronger audience base by paying for StumbleUpon aids, where you can start with a low budget and test the number of visitors you get. Paying for StumbleUpon ads will promote your page and you can increase the budget if you start actually making progress. Many statistics prove that using StumbleUpon as a social paid traffic service enhances the number of visits to your page with a great extent.


Outbrain is another paid traffic service that is responsible for marketing your page and getting you more visits. This marketing event happens by recommending readers to read your page for its relevant content, which increases the traffic since many people use Outbrain as a source of information for a lot of things.

You can start advertising on Outbrain by registering and creating a campaign first. Then you can go to targeting to run your campaign and you can start with a minimum of $10 daily and check if you actually have a higher traffic or not. CPC also has a minimum of $0.03, so give it a try and see what will happen before getting confident about increasing the budget.

Social Paid Traffic Services

Twitter Ads

You don’t have to miss the power of using Twitter ads as twitter has a very large fan base with different interests, so having a creative content advertised on twitter will probably get you traffic that is multiples of your previous visitors.

Unfortunately, people use twitter ads less because it is relatively expensive when compared to other sites, but you can think of it as an investment in your webpage, which will definitely be rewarding.

Twitter also has a variety in promoting your content like in promoting your profile, advertisement, or even a hashtag. Pick what suits you and make sure to make your content powerful enough to grasp visitors. Paid traffic services will not do all the work, your content itself must be powerful.

Facebook Ads

When talking about paid traffic services, Facebook must strike your mind right away because it is one of the social media platforms that shares a lot of pages, websites, content, and many more since it has a very large fan base.

Facebook ads are very similar to those of Twitter, so make sure you understand the concept right and start off with a small budget as an experiment to see how your traffic will respond to advertising on Facebook.
In addition, there are tons of ideas on how to design Facebook ads since it is used widely nowadays. Image surfing Facebook and suddenly stumbling in a content or website that has the information you were trying to find, you will definitely click on the link to check it up.

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