With the advancement in technology, the methods that were used earlier for advertisement have remarkably evolved. This is the time of smart advertising and modern methods and techniques have proved to be an important milestone of this process. Hence, smart advertising has become the most relevant part of advertising and classified advertisement submission is the new trend.

Submitting each and every advertisement individually can be a very time consuming process to get free classified traffic, Besides, a lot of money is also needed for submitting each advertisement, which is a bigger concern. To save time and money, classified ad submission has been found out to be the ideal method. Submitting an ad through a classified submission portal enhances the possibility that the advertisement will be approved. Due to these reasons, this process has gained popularity. There are five main reasons why you should post your advertisements through a classified ad submission portal.

Free Classified Traffic

Free Classified Traffic will save your time!

All advertisers need to operate vehicular traffic on the ads that they post. This is a process that will directly result in increased sales. It has been found that people who browse the advertisements with the mentality of actually making a purchase are more likely to look at classified advertisements. The advertisements in the non classified section are usually checked out by people who only plan to browse for information and are not specifically making a purchase.

Ads submitted through a classified submission portal will be submitted again after some time.

When an advertisement is submitted, it usually comes with a period for which it will be available. This time is called the run length for the advertisement. Usually, the run length of an advertisement is a period of 30 days. When advertisements are submitted by hand, the advertiser will need to renew this run length after the 30 day mark is crossed. Now, it can be easy to renew the run time of one advertisement. But when an advertiser is posting hundreds of advertisements, it can be a very challenging process that will consume a large amount of time and energy. But, if you have submitted your advertisement through a classified ad submission portal, you will have to pick a time period for which you need your ad to run. When the run time of the advertisement will expire, it will be renewed automatically and the ad will run for as long as you want it to run. Once you decide to stop the ad, you will also have complete control over that.

Classified Ad Submission Service will provide Backlinks to your Ad

There is no sure shot method that can be implemented to make your advertisement achieve a top rank in a search engine. But everyone knows that backlinks are very helpful when it comes to positioning your ad in the search engine result list. Through a number of studies, it has been proven that apart from the quality of a website, the backlink that is provided by them is one of the top most critical factor that is responsible for the popularity and better positioning of an advertisement post. When an advertisement is posted through a classified ad submission platform, there are a number of relevant backlinks that are automatically generated and submitted wit your post. These backlinks serve many purposes for making the advertisement popular and increasing sales. First, it will attract the buyers and they will follow the backlinks, which will increase traffic on your website. Secondly, it will place your advertisement on a better position on the search engine and will increase the opportunities of sale for you.

It will attract more ‘Buyers’

In order to attract buyers online, the quality of the product or service that is offered is as important as the amount of traffic that you have on your website. However, more traffic does not mean more sales because most of the people who browse a website are not generally making a purchase but merely collecting information. This traffic is called the junk traffic as it adds no relevant value to the website because the browsers are not buyers. There are many advertisements that offer a certain number of visitors on your website if you pay a specific amount of money. However, most of these visitors are not actual buyers, and in some cases, not even real people. It means that it will add up to the junk traffic on your website but none of them will be converted to actual sales. Apparently, this is the reason why people who invest in such deals with advertisers do not come back for a second purchase. Posting your advertisement through a genuine classified ad submission portal will reduce the junk traffic on your website and will attract more genuine customers who will visit your website with an intention of making a purchase and cut down on the bulk traffic that includes no reasonable ‘buyers’.

 Free Classified Submission

Better Quality Cheaper Cost!

The world of advertising is full of pay per click programs that are available to buyers in a number of packages across the world. There are many seasoned customers as well who have purchased these packages and are making benefits from them. New advertisers go for adwords in order to increase the traffic on their websites. Such programs have proven to be beneficial because the readers that such programs attract comprise of good free classified traffic. The problem with this system is that it is very expensive usually for a new business to afford and if you are not a seasoned advertiser, you will need to make huge investments for such a program to work out for you. Most of the popular keywords are either already purchased or the advertiser will need to pay a huge amount for just one click. Now, if an advertiser is targeting around 200 clicks in one day, that can increase the cost of their advertising remarkably, mostly beyond what their budget allows. For classified ad submission, the payment is not made on the basis of per click, which makes it a cheaper way of reaching high quality customers and improving sales.

Get High Quality Free Classified Traffic at Low Cost!

This shows that there are many reasons for choosing a classified ad submission program for new businesses in the market. Spending on adwords cannot be a good option for new businesses because it will cost them much more that they can spend on advertising. On the other hand, posting an advertisement manually can be a bigger challenge because of the time and money it consumes. This proves that for smaller and relatively recent businesses, it is a better choice to pay for classified advertisements. It can save them money and time and will provide effective results for their website.

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